Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some say ToMAYto, Some say ToMAHto!

No matter how you spell it...tomato...I am sure you have your own way of pronouncing it that is reflective of you.  

This morning I sat and did quite a bit of reflecting.  Not just on my pool as I've taken to doing.  But also, on my wildly overgrown tomato plant.

More specifically on "why?".  

Why has my plant grown so well, but yielded very little fruit to enjoy?

I think the size is just wonderful.  I love how it has reached out on several sides instead of growing larger just straight up and down.  I've "looked" at this plant all summer and watched it closely, often musing on how it seems like it has arms wide open.  This plant knows my heart.

However, I can no longer ignore the fact that I have for the most part left this plant to fend for itself.  It's really needs "tending" to!  I have fruit that is there for the picking.   I have older ripened fruit that are still hanging on the vine and beginning to rot, not to mention the many that have already fallen off.   I even have new fruit that is freshly green and growing but desperately looking for sunshine and nutrition.  Additionally, I see many blooms that are hanging around as if deciding weather to bud here or not.

This plant is so much more though... is really a metaphor of my blog!

  I have been thinking quite a bit lately about blogging and the demands of life.  I have been experiencing a huge case of the "why bothers" when it comes to posting on my blog lately.  Does it really matter who says "tomayto" or who says "tomahto"?  Heck, I even enjoy hearing from a few "mayters" every now and then!  

  I am especially enjoying the posts of others and finding new inspirations to look at quite a bit.  I want more time to bring that inspiration to life.  I am taking a much needed break here.  

It is a break time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  A time to feed and tend to those precious things in my life that need it.  A time for being tired, a time for being inspired.  I'll be back when the "why bothers" leave.

Until then...