Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's get Nautical!

Nautical! I wanna get nautical! Let's get into nautical! I think that's the way Olivia Newton John should have sung that song.  Really yall!

With the Memorial day weekend fast approaching I am thinking of all things nautical.  I am pretty sure I will be working Monday but am hoping for Sunday off.  The Mr. and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend of sailing this past weekend and hope to be able to do more again soon.  While we were out we talked about getting our new grill installed on the boat so we can do more grilling out on the water.  Please feel free to send me all your delicious shiskabob recipes ladies, as I am craving those to kick off the season!

With that in mind I decided to gather up a few of my nautical inspired serve ware pieces to create a display for the screened porch.  This will also keep everything handy in case I want to grab a few serving pieces as I head out the door.

Here's how it all stacked up!

I started over here on the blue table and brought out my plaid runner to work off of.

It sorta has a bit of a nautical flair, right?  Okay,  well, not sure why I brought this out really but there it is.

Next I decided to use the old wine crate that I keep on the porch and have been trying to decide how to decorate.

Then I very carefully (Hehe!) draped one of my patriotic dishcloths inside.

The first thing in was my chip and dip set that I purchased last year from CTS for only $5.99.  Love it!  I cannot wait to bring this down to the club.  It's ceramic so I will have to be very careful.  

Next in was my sailboat dip with spreader dish.  To save all of us a lot of time and reading here you should know all of these items came from the CTS. This was only $3.99.  We do not have one here where I live, so I made a special trip down to one in Augusta last year and went wild when I found all of the great deals on the nautical serve ware.  

This sailboat bowl was sold separately for only $1.99. I bet this could hold a boat load of salsa!

Then I collected up this set of three boats to add in my box too.  They were purchased at $4.99 for the whole set.

Oops! These melamine plates are from Walmart this year.  They were on clearance for $1.00 and I could only find 3.  I need one more!

I am pretty sure the napkin holder was only $2.99 and included the napkins as well.

The votive candle holders were only .64 cents a piece.  What a deal!

And my cups were only $1.69 each.  Now here's the real deal!  Those are all the prices I pulled off of them today as I was unpacking them.  I am pretty sure I got an additional amount off on many of these pieces but cannot remember exactly what.  That's how good of a deal it was and so worth the trip.  If you have a CTS near you or withing driving distance you are so lucky.

I had to move the box to it's final resting place before it got to heavy.  I almost forgot to add in the napkins and napkin rings that I made last year too, or was it the year before?  Oh, IDK!  Anywho, there they are before going in the box.

A little blue bottle of something good and I am all set!  Don't worry this is actually empty but I saved it because I liked the color of the bottle and the taste of the wine and wanted to remember the brand.  I was at World Market a few weeks ago and saw a wine with a Sea Glass label that I wish I had bought.  I think it was a Pinot Grigio, but not sure.  Maybe next trip.

And there you have it!  All set and ready for a very nautical day of dining.  Well, kinda, I still need to find a good deal on some red flatware somewhere.

I've set this up on my bakers rack outside.  If it stays here a bit I may have to redo the whole rest of the vignettes on the bakers rack now too.  But I think I'll wait and see how much I pull from here to go on the boat first.  We shall see!

Speaking of seeing and the boat...
Here's a few glimpses of what we enjoyed out on the water last weekend.  

It was very windy all weekend and we were able to get in a few good sails before getting to tired to fight the wind any longer and calling it a day.

I stretched out in the cockpit for a rest to lay down and look what I saw!

Right over our heads above the top of our boat was a beautiful rainbow.  I couldn't help but think that I guess Jesus wanted to remind us he likes going sailing too!  

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