Monday, February 6, 2012

Do People Really Decorate For Valentines?

I can't tell you how many times I have heard this question from my coworkers lately!  It seems to resurface every few days as we are tweaking, revamping and discussing our Valentines displays and sales.  Each time, I am always taken by surprise with this question.   Because in my head I am screaming of course they do you fool, it's Valentines Day for crying out loud! But outwardly, I am admitting, well, sure they do, maybe just not quite as much as for other holidays.

I definitely fall into the not as much as other holidays category.  But....after having the weekend off, and a little more time to get inspired and be inspired, I decided to pull out a little of my Valentines decor.  One thing I love about Valentines day is that I typically like to use this holiday as a time to explore my creative side.  This year I didn't do a lot of that.   I did however pull out a few things I created from last year and I did use one of them in a new way this year.  So, I would say that counts as being a little creative right?

Here is an old topiary stand that I have had for quite some time that used to have Ivy all over it that I removed last year.

And here is a close up of my old topiary today.  I added some glittery hearts that I bought from the dollar tree last year that I used on another Valentines display shown here.   

This year I decided they would be easier to use on the topiary instead.  The glitter hearts are simply strung on heavy fishing wire that was easily poked through the foam.  Then you just wind the wired hearts around the form.  How easy is that?

My thinking was that I wanted to create a Valentines display for the table by my front door.

The candle and greenery are constants out here.

Then I added a red polka dot bow to my faux ivy.  Sorry ladies, I just can't do real Ivy.  I would really prefer live Ivy and have tried, but seem to have such troubles growing Ivy in a pot.  I have no trouble however with growing Ivy all over the yard outside though.

It's just a small touch of Valenitines.... compliment the sign on my door.

I bought this door sign from the after season clearance sales at Kohls.  I tend to think Valentines is one of those holidays where people really do not like to spend too much on decorating.  I know I usually don't and look for the after season sales.  What do you think?

I do love how this red just pops right off of my black door!

After putting up some decorations outside I decided I just didn't want to stop there.   So, I did what I said I wasn't going to do and moved inside to the fireplace mantle.  I just had to see how my sweet little cupid angels would look on my new clock.

Aren't they just so sweet looking?

I think so!  I just love these!  Yep!  It's still 10:05 at our house.  LOL!

Then, I decided to just go ahead and bring out the garland I made for my mantle last year too.  You can see that post here as well.

This was one of the best (fun) and easiest projects I have done is some time.

All of the graphics used here were from The Graphics Fairy.

After the garland was hung, I was done!  

Well, kinda done.  I hope to be back later this week to share my Valentines tablescape with you.  I've only got time to do one this year but will try and share links to the three that I did last year.  That's right, I did say three.  So, if your like me and looking for a little inspiration at times be sure and stop back by later this week. 

Thanks for visiting today.  I am joining the following parties today.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Very cute Mary! I love your Valentine's decorations! Love your sweet banner and the green table on your porch.

  2. It's looking good to me..and I think you have just enough to celebrate the Holiday without going overboard. It all looks lovely- xo Diana

  3. I think it is perfect! Just the right touch. I don't too much decorating for Val day, just on my tables. I used to years ago, but now no one is here, all my friends winter in Fla.
    Love your topiary, so cute!

  4. You just luvvved it all right up, didn't you? There is not one single thing that you did that isn't up my alley. I think the banner is wonderful, and I really love your sign on the door. Now, WHY didn't I think of a sign? I've been stressing over a naked door which needs a wreath, but I can't find the ribbon I want.

  5. The only Valentine's Day decor I put out is a bowl of red and pink M&M's. I know.... I'm lame.

  6. Looks wonderful Mary. I used to do more when my kids were young. The g'kids usually aren't here for Valentine's, so my decorating is limited the table.


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