Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh Mercy!  Where did everybody go????

UPDATE:  Yay!  I can see your blogs on my list again!  I can tolerate my followers dissappearing but when the blog I follow dissappear I get a little wacked!  Thanks for all your sweet comments to hang in there! :))

Yall, I have been having such a time with blogger lately it is driving me nuts!  Today my entire list of blogs I follow is gone!  I can't even get into reader!  What is up with that?  Is anyone else having these troubles too?

I can see my blogs on my dashboard but no list that I follow.  I do not list blogs that I follow on my blog, only those who are following me so I'm very limited to get to anyone today.  I am very frustrated because today I have made time to try and visit others but cannot get to them!  Ughhh!!!!

Along with today's very annoying and unusual events I have lost my followers off and on several times on my blog, received many comments that friends cannot comment, friends who have told me my blog is not showing up on their feed and have received a ton of spam comments from computer tracking sites that are leaving comments on old post in order to get more hits.  The comments rarely make any sense or have anything to do with the post.  I am very frustrated!  I have a separate stat service that I am linked to and can see I have several blog visits from overseas sources.  I seriously feel like my blog has been tampered with but just do not have the knowledge how to find out if I have or much less how to fix this.  I've tried putting comments on bloggers website for help but have received no replies.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I turned on my comment moderator again and that has helped with keeping the spam off my blog.  For some reason though the spam emails continue to show up in my email box but not in blogger for me to moderate though the emails I get show that they are.

Boy things are such a mess here!  Hope all is well with most of you!