Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do you have Nuance?

Hi Ladies!
It's Wellness Wednesday here at TDD, and I just have to share this new beauty product line I am switching over to.  Have you heard about "Nuance" from Salma Hayek?  Well, if you haven't let me be among the first to give you a personal review now.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!!!!   That's how much I love it!  Seriously!

I am not sure how long her line has been out but I only heard about it when I  saw her on Regis and Kelly last week.
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  I have been wanting to "up" my beauty routine a bit, so the timing of that show couldn't have been better.  It wasn't just the natural beauty of Salma that sold me on her products but it was her heart and sincerity too.  I heard her talking about all the adopted stray animals that she owns and the list of creatures was amazing.  She really seemed very grounded to me, so when she started talking about the beauty product line she created from her grandmothers recipes you can bet I was listening.  Then when she said they are sold at CVS because she wanted to create a line that was affordable for everyone, I was sold!

Because I am so thrifty and also cautious, I started out with just a few products.  I chose things that I knew I needed or was currently out of.  My normal routine is to only use a facial wash and an occasional toner in addition to makeup.  Most of the products I use are Neutrogena.  Because I'm not getting any younger I've decided it's high time to beef up my routine with a few more essentials.  I've been noticing my facial skin seems a little duller then usual.   So as I scanned through several promising looking products (and because I am a skin care minimalist) and then I chose this one product only to start with. 

Straight from my own bathroom I present to you the Exfoliating Facial Gel.   It is fantastic!  I love how it is a gel and not foamy (I don't like foamy) and takes only five minutes to see results.  The first time I used it I saw a difference.  The product was gentle enough to do the job without irritating the skin and my skin literally had a new glow.  I kid you not!  I am so going to buy the facial wash after my current product runs out and am thinking very seriously of adding a few other facial products that I'm not going to mention here.  LOL!  The other product I bought was for my hair as it's been a bit on the dry side lately too.

OMG!  I cannot brag on this product enough.  Y'all, this stuff is sooo good and smells sooo divine!  Seriously, the smell of these products will absolutely do you in.  Ha ha!  The Intense Hydration Hair Mask is to be used occasionally but I think I am addicted to it.  It literally had my hair softer from the very first rinse. I will also be going back for the shampoo and conditioner as soon as I run out of my current products.  

I thought you might enjoy this video of Salma to speaking about her new product line.

I just love listening to her voice as well!

Hop on over to CVS soon though, as they are selling out of her products quickly.  She said on Regis and Kelly that the demand was more then they first expected but that more products are rolling out soon to fill the shelves.  Though I also noticed several blank spaces on a few products myself.

I really do plan to add many more of her products and possibly even try some of her makeup as well.  If you have tried any of her other products I would love to hear from you.  Please let me know what you think.  Okay?

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  1. I don't think we even have a CVS here. I hadn't ever thought about it since I always go to the same Walgreens. I'll have to have the husband get it on the road for me.

    I want to try to face stuff 'cause the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be, and what she was wasn't all that much to begin with.

  2. Wrinkles disappear instantaneously!!! I am so buying this stuff! My skin has been so bad since we moved here. I will try anything! Thanks for the review!


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