Monday, August 1, 2011

A win-win for many!

Did you miss it?  I almost did, but I am so glad I didn't.  I've been hit and miss quite a bit on the blogging lately due to all the excitement going on around here.  So I was very glad I remembered to log on at the last minute.  Quite literally, I cast my bid on the evening of the very last day. 

 Last week our friend Susan from My Place to Yours hosted her very first online Auction.  I was quite amazed at what she had up for auction and her prices were fantastic!  It was quite a thrill for a table scaper wanna be like me.  She also has an online Etsy shop for those of you missed the auction.  She had everything set up with her auction so professionally that bidding and paying was a breeze.  Immediately after the auction was over I was notified by email of my win and with just a click of the attached Paypal button my prize was on the way!

Two days later my purchase arrived!

I was blown away by her beautiful packaging too.  Seriously, I just loved the details!  I love her stickers and that adorable ribbon she used to secure the paper.

As if  all that was not wonderful enough, she also included this little card.  I first thought that it was her own stationary with a thank you note, but it was so much more than that.

Because when I turned it over, I found instructions on how to care for Linens.  OMG!  How fantastic!

So what did I win?  Here it is!  It is vintage Irish linen in Red!  Unlike many of you, I have so few accents in Red, but I just fell in love with these.  I immediately knew I would use these around Christmas time but I am thinking they may be used more often too.  

This is called a traycloth and the set included two napkins as well.  I think it is just the right size for adding a wonderful splash of red to a beautiful tablescape or side table as well as a tray.   

But....what I really wanted to share is that for this auction Susan is donating part of her proceeds to one her favorite charities, Hope Unlimited. 

 How cool is that?  It certainly helped me decide to participate!  I am all for joining in when I know that something I am purchasing is also going to help another. 

 That is why I chose the home party business I am in, Initial Outfitters, which donates a portion of sales to Charlie's Lunch. 

 Many times people will not give to a charity or participate because they have a preconceived notion about either being duped or have a negative attitude about giving to charities in general.  This kinda makes me a little sad, especially when you are getting something in return.  I just don't understand why anyone would shy away from helping another when it also benefits you.  Seriously, I just don't get it! 

 I do believe that should NOT be ones only motivation to give, and you do have to be careful about whom you donate to.  But in my business, I have heard some say No, I only give to my church or certain charities.  I think this clean cut attitude across the board is just wrong.  If we all thought that way there would be so little help given to those who really need it. I want to encourage all of you not to shy away from those opportunities to help and give back especially when it is so easy and painless for you to do so!  The rewards of knowing your purchase has not only given you a delight but has also given someone else HOPE is the best feeling ever!  So please consider!  I have shared this with you today for my Meditating Monday.  Think about it!  Okay?
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  1. Love the napkin set and it certainly will be so sweet for Christmas!
    Glad you are enjoying your new pool!

  2. I did the same thing! I had been out of town and almost missed it, too. At the last minute I bid on some wonderful stemware that arrived yesterday.

    I absolutely love Susan's blog and Susan's spirit. I also think Hope Intl. is a tremendous blessing.

    (And I almost bid on those. Glad I didn't snarf them up from you!)

  3. Well said Mary! And you are right on about the charity thing. I think so many people just feel like they are being asked to donate every time they turn around and it becomes a turnoff. But if we pick and choose those that are near and dear to our hearts, imagine the good that would come of it. Congrats on winning those gorgeous linens!

  4. Dad-burn-it.I missed it!
    You got some lovelies!


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