Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poolside Picnic

With the construction of a new pool this summer I have been so starry eyed about setting a beautiful outdoor tablescape, along with the encouragement of a few friends. Since we are still waiting to complete the concrete decking around the pool tablescaping has been on hold, until....!  But, I see no reason why I can't have a poolside picnic, can you?

The weather is just fine tonight and the water is quite inviting so...

maybe we'll have a few drinks.

And something to eat before we go for a dip.

Speaking of dips, here's one of my newest serving pieces.  I think it's perfect for pool side dipping.

When your ready to eat, I'll pull out the dishes.

I found these melamine salad cuties on clearance at Walmart.  I need one more to complete a set of four and thought that I would find it at another Walmart, but have yet to come across one.  Isn't that how it goes?

I chose these napkins because they remind me of tiles in the pool and the blue glass napkin rings remind me of the water.

A few utensils and we are almost ready.

 I  even have a safe place for the food, if we decide to swim first.

If it get's too late we can light up the lanterns.

That wonderful aroma you smell is from the centerpiece.  I just had to work a gardenia in here somewhere.

These pebbles represent everything about our wait to have a pool someday, so I thought they would be appropiate for our very first poolside tablescape.

Would you rather go for a swim first?

What?  Okay, I guess dinner can wait a bit.

and wait...

and wait.
Should I light the candles now?

Well yes, it is just a tad bit late now.

Maybe, I should just serve breakfast instead?

Thanks for stopping by for my very first poolside tablescape.  Please be sure and visit the following link for the more wonderful visions of tablescaping inspirations at

Have a wonderful day and weekend!