Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Pool Progress

We finally reached a big milestone this past week with the construction of our pool this summer.  I am so happy to report that we were able to pour the concrete decking on Thursday despite all the possible weather scenarios that were out there last week.  Woohoo!  No more mud and sand to deal with everyday and everywhere! 

We are still waiting on it to fully cure, but are able to walk on it now and I was allowed to put my blue plastic adirondak chairs only on it for now, provided I do not drag them around.  LOL!  On Monday, I should be able to place the rest of my furniture all around.  I cannot wait to do that because I am so tired of having it all jumbled up on the decks.  Building a pool the way we are takes lot's of hard work and patience, for sure. 

Let's take a look at where we are now.  Since the concrete is still curing it has lot's of different shades.  I've been told it will all even out to a white finish when it's completely dried.  I certainly hope so, or it's going to have to get a stain which I do not really want. I personally prefer the more natural concrete with a grittier texture around the pool because I have experienced way too many slippery  concrete finish's in my day!

Yesterday, the Mr. and I worked a little more on the area around the retaining wall.  This had been a bit trickier then we anticipated due to the curve we built into the wall.  We did not want any hard angles around the pool and thought these blocks were designed best to make a curve.  Not to mention the rest of our house was built using them all around the bedding areas by the original owners.   We decided to just keep going with the same look.  

The first few rows of block were laid before the concrete was poured so that it would all level out and run right up to the wall.  However, 
the blocks did not line up as well as expected on the curve the higher up we went. It was a bit tricky and required spacing them further apart on some levels in order to get it right.  After 3 rebuilds on the upper levels of the curve it's where we like it and were able to start back filling behind it. Behind the wall is a drainage pipe and gravel to redirect the water away from the pool and then dirt on top of that.

We also have drainage pipes running behind the wall in front of the deck and under the last step of our new steps.  We still need to redo all the railings but will get to that later when it cools down more.

This was one area I worked on some yesterday, adding the sand base so we do not have mud splashing up on the concrete in the rain.  I am going to add stepping stones to get to the pump and some type of  decorative screening here soon and more plants and flowers.  

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is another area I worked on yesterday.   I  had to back fill this area between our lower deck and the wall with my shovel and then rake it all down.  Shoveling gravel and clay is backbreaking work.  I am going to plant dwarf gardenias here.  I just cannot wait to tackle this but am having to wait because there's too many other things that we need to do first.

Our goal for today is to finish moving around more sand and leveling to get the land ready for sod.  Thank goodness our neighbor owns a tractor that he has loaned us to do this.  I cannot imagine trying to do all of that without equipment.  It is the smaller blue tractor in these pictures.  Great neighbors are such a blessing!

We are hoping to sod next weekend. That's how we will be spending our labor day, pretty appropriate huh? Then the next step is to install the fence.  Shew!

It's all worth it though!  I hope to be back with more updates again soon.  This is the fun part.  I love landscaping and seeing it all come together.

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