Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lady Bug, Lady Bug... away home!  And, that is exactly what they have done, only to my home!  Before I show you my newest tablescape creation, I have a little secret to share with you.  I have not always been such a big fan of ladybugs!  Now, I do remember finding quite a bit of delight in them as a child when you push their bottoms and they up and fly away.  Though as an adult, they have caused me more suffering then joy.  What in the world, you say?

When we lived across town in our old house I had french doors in our dining room that led out to a sunny back deck.  Unfortunately, the ladybugs were very attracted to the southern exposure of our back deck with it's double doors that lead inside.  A couple of times every year these bugs would swarm to get inside from fall through spring.  Much to my dismay they were quite successful at it as well.
I used to have to get the shop vac out regularly to get them all sucked up, because they arrived in masses!

  Okay, before you go getting all sentimental on me let me further explain why.  Apparently, I suffer from ladybug allergies.  It took me quite a few years to discover what was going on, but by process of elimination I figured out these little creatures were the culprit of my discomfort.  Without fail when they arrived I would feel really bad.  My symptoms included headaches, sinus troubles and eventually breathing difficulties, often making me think I just had a chest cold.  But after suspecting they were the trigger and doing quite a bit of research online I found out I am not alone.  I also found it quite amazing because I have very few allergies in general such as sulphites and those curly, hairy thingys from oak trees.  So, as I hope you can understand now why I said I was not a big ladybug fan...until recently that is!

This is what started the return of my ladybug love.  
When I found these cream and sugar pieces at Ross, I immediately fell in love.  

 I hope you can endure these photos, as I've set this table this morning and the sun is streaming in! I don't think I'll have more time to do this post this evening before dinner so please forgive.

I had no idea at the time I bought the cream and sugar pieces that I would also eventually find the dishes to match.  But I am sooo glad that I did!

I just love these plates!  They also had salad plates to go with the set but they were a bit different and I wasn't as crazy about them so I didn't get those.  

Besides, I remembered my Christmas salad plates and thought they would be a perfect compliment.

The only thing is, these plates have such raised details that I didn't want to set the salad plates on top.

So, I used them as part of the centerpiece instead.

I also knew immediately I would use my black checked napkins.

Do you remember this napkin ring idea?  I used it last year on my fall tablescape.

I love my new black bamboo flatware with this setting too.

It's give us a very outdoorsy feel even though we are inside because it continues to be over 100 degrees here in South Carolina.  Yes, I am soooo over this extreme heat, yall!

The green goblets remind me of the fresh green grass on my plates.

I brought my Oregano in from the screened porch to use as my centerpiece.  I think it's very fitting for this setting, but I also wanted to show you something I found in the dirt outside near the deck and pool construction area.

It is a ladybug pick to go in your pots.  I can't remember if this is mine or possibly the previous owners.  I think it is so wild that I just found this now.

Think you could stands a few bugs at the table too?  If so you better get on over to Ross soon, I'm sure these plates won't stick around long.

I am joining BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday today.  Please enjoy many more tablescapes by clicking on the words above.  You will be glad you did!
The following is a list of my info on my setting;
Dinner Plates; Hausenware designed by Libby Wilke purchased from Ross
Salad Plates; Holiday Gatherings from Lenox purchased from Belks
Cream and Sugar; Hausenware purchased from Ross
Flatware; Bamboo purchased from Home Goods
Napkins; Black checked purchased from Old Time Pottery
Glasses; Better Homes and Garden purchased from Walmart

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