Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Joys of Summer Reading

Last night we finally had a few more wonderful evening showers.  We have been completely dry almost all summer with the exception of last weeks evening showers.  I am soooo thankful for this rain!  I certainly hope there is more to come because we have all really needed it.

The crepe myrtles are finally starting to get heavy with blooms.

Do you like to read?  I certainly do, especially when it's a great book.  I have been so slack over the years about making the time to enjoy a good book.  I guess that's what happens when you become a busy  Mom and wife.  Somehow, the simple pleasure of enjoying a good book always takes a back seat to everything else with me, even though I think it's one of the healthiest things you can do.

Maybe it's because when I read a good book, I usually just cannot put it down until it's finished.  That's probably why I've so many magazine subscriptions.  They are so much easier to pick up and put down and thumb through at leisure.  But, this summer I've been enjoying getting back to reading again. 

It all started with this book.  I got this signed copy from my Mother when she was cleaning out some of her bookshelves.  One of her clients gave this to her.   My mother absolutely loves to read and is a regular at the local library every week.  I was quite surprised that she was going to give me this signed book of one of our popular SC authors and didn't hesitate to question her about that too.  She assured me it was fine after stating that this book was not really her taste. 

 I love this author and was very excited to get it, though this is where it sat all spring until I decided to read it this summer. 

 OMG what a story! Since this is an older book, and has been around for quite awhile some of you avid readers may recall what I'm talking about. It's not what I would call a comforting read, in fact it's quite disturbing at times.  I'm not going to give it all away here so you'll just have to read it yourself if your interested, though I will say I was quite envious of the friendships described in this book.  

All in all, I could not put it down  and I think this book is what reawakened that long overdue desire for snuggling down with a good book.

Before it got too hot outside, I enjoyed spending time out here during the day to read.  My front porch has late evening sun so it's fairly shaded during most of the day.  It has ceiling fans as well and our hammock chair that sits low enough so it's quite a private and cozy spot to read.

I just read this book last week, but I've been on this author for several weeks now.  I found this book to be quite enjoyable.  The red hat club ladies were a popular group around here a few years back in our town too, though I've never really understood the significance of it all until now. I remember several red hat customers and thinking it had to do only with old age, but it's more about women, divorce and sisterhood.  I read this book in a matter of a few days quite easily!  It was a smooth read for me. 

 I've also read all the other titles from this author that our "smaller" local branch library carries, which was only a few.  I started with "Ladies of the Lake" (I'm sure you get why) and then "Waking up in Dixie", both were very enjoyable.  She has many more books that I plan to order transfers from another branch.  I really have enjoyed her easy reading style. You can visit her official website for a complete listing of all her books.

Another great spot I like to read is on my screened porch out back.  I used to have my lounging hammock out here for years and loved it, but am trying out a few chairs this year.  We have a ceiling fan out here as well and it helps a lot but it's still too hot for reading outside.  I really do hope we cool down soon!

This is my current read at the moment.  I just started reading it yesterday and am already two thirds of the way through.  I've enjoyed looking at this authors blog, Designs by Gollum, quite a bit already.  After hearing many other blogger reviews of her books I knew I wanted to read these.  Since I've been so very slack about keeping up with current reads over the years I'm excited that I will have plenty of her books to enjoy.  Check out
her official website for more titles.

 I went to our library in hopes of getting her book called "Gone With A Handsomer Man" but had to order a transfer on it as well.  Much to my surprise they did have this one and I was thrilled because I remember someone else saying how enjoyable this book was.  So far I am loving it!  I can just smell the Alabama coast from the way it is described in this book though I've never actually been there.  LOL!  I'm hustling through this story much faster then I thought I would.  Though much to my relief because they have already called to tell me my other book is in.  

 I have such a hard time with remembering names and titles that I find I often can't be if sure I've read a book until I start reading it again.  I'm considering putting together a book list here on my blog to help keep up with that.  So, don't be surprised if you see one pop up in my pages.

In case you missed it from yesterday's post, I am keeping this blog comment free for awhile.
I believe reading is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself .  It is quite relaxing, but also mentally stimulates the brain as well.   That is why I'm putting this out here today for my own
Wellness Wednesday post.

Hope you have a great day and thank you so much for visiting!