Monday, June 20, 2011

Terrific Turquoise!

Hello!  My name is Mary, so nice to meet you!  What's that?  Oh yes, silly me, this is a blogger party isn't it.  So, let me reintroduce name is The Decorative Dreamer!  Yes mam, that means I am always dreaming about something decorative.  Doesn't mean I am the most creative or decorative blogger around though by any stretch of the imagination, it just means I spend a lot of time dreaming about it.  LOL!

 I am very happy to be attending a paint party today over at Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing.  I am excited I've been able to attend several of these fun summer linky parties so far as they are much more my speed.  Sorry ladies, I just can't keep up with the weekly ones anymore.   However, I always enjoy a good party every now and then, and when one of my favorite bloggers throws one you better believe this old gal makes every attempt to attend.  Though I do have to admit that my favorite bloggers party's are usually very easy to attend since their parties are centered around themes I'm already involved in. 

 This party at Debbiedoo's is also being linked with a whole weeks worth of parties and hosts for a Summer Block Party hosted by At The Picket Fence.  Be sure and check out the link on my sidebar for many more daily parties and inspirational themes.

Well, when our sweet host announced she was having a paint party I was not a bit surprised.  She loves painting, more painting and then repainting,  She loves color and is a great inspiration to all those who follow her.  One of the things I love about Debbie's painting is she is not afraid to paint anything!  I love how she can look at the most ordinary object and offer up ideas on painting it.  While blabbing about her upcoming party she kindly offered up a few extra inspirational ideas on what to paint.  I just love that she does stuff like that!  She had so many fun ideas, even ideas like painting a rock from your yard!

Like I told her, Hey, " I gotta a rock!"

Boy, do I have a few rocks!  I even live just outside of a town called White Rock.  Let me tell you this, it ain't called white rock for nothing!

Check out this big beautiful white rock!  Now that's literally one big beautiful rock!  But sorry to disappoint you, I am not going to paint these rocks.  I like these just the way they are.  I do have a few ideas on painting a rock now though as soon as I find the perfect rock that I want to paint.  You see, that's what it's all about for me, inspiration.  I get that so much from blogging with you all.  I'm not as quick as most of you and I tend to hold on to an idea for some time before I move on's the whole dreaming thing, ya know!  But eventually I do indeed make my way around to a few things.

Like I said, attending a party for me these days is all about what I'm already involved in and I did already have yet another paint project I was working on.  Recently I showed you the completion of one.

Do you remember I showed you these shutters that I spay painted blue?

Now that was a job, because you have to open and close the shutters and wait in between coats to dry in order to get every angle covered.  But, I got them finished and love them!  They didn't stay here though, I've moved them and have put them somewhere else but you will have to come back later this week to see where.  Now I really loved this color so much that I had to move on to something else with it too!

And I certainly did!  This old wicker chair used to be black.  Talk about another tedious paint job.  It takes lot's of patience to paint wicker too.  There's so many angles you have to spray from to get complete coverage.  My poor little finger!  

I was one step away from getting rid of them but decided to bring a little more life back to them with some color.  I say them because I have a whole set, though haven't painted everything as of yet.  

Since I moved this chair back here on our back porch I painted it blue to coordinate with the other blues that I have back here.  I already had this cushion which I was using on this chair though may redo this soon.

Here it is adding my most recent pillows that I made for this porch.  It's a nice calming look of blues.

Very subtle and relaxing, don't cha think?

But look what happens when I bring out these older pillows I made!  

Wow!  What a gorgeous pop of color!  Now I'm really liking this.  I've got more of this fabric around somewhere too!  OMG! I feel more back porch changes coming.  LOL!  This is some serious summer color fun here!  

I love this color!  It is Satin Lagoon from Rust-oleum.  It is a much deeper turquoise blue!  It took me two of these cans to cover the wicker chair completely, though I did think these cans really did go along way.

I have also used this color quite a bit too.  I just love it as well!  It is Bahama Sea by Krylon.  It is a much lighter turquoise then the other but still a beautiful shade.  

I am enjoying using the combination of them both on my screened porch this year.

It was so nice to meet you and talk with you a bit.
I'd love to visit with you again, anytime!
Sorry, but I've got to run now!


  1. Love it, Mary! I'm going to get all kinds of inspiration this week, I think.

  2. Mary I absolutely love the turquoise. Gorgeous color for your wicker. Of course, I love those shutters too!

  3. GOrgeous, gorgeous gorgeous, Mary! You know me and blue, any shade of it, makes me smile. Love the pillow you made and that really set the wow factor.Thanks for sharing with the party, so glad you joined in.

  4. Love those blues and the colorful pillows you made a while ago really set the blue chairs off!


  5. Hi Mary!
    I hear you about spray finger! I have a lot of wicker on my porch that needs to be refreshed with Krylon every year. I am not bold like you, I stick with white! I love your colors! Don't be too quick to get rid of it, the new plastic stuff just isn't as nice!
    I love your shutters too!

  6. I love those colors, Mary. You did an excellent painting job with them. All worth the work and trouble....Christine

  7. I love that shade of blue Mary! And your pillows, great job, they all look so nice together!

  8. Mary, thanks for the nice welcome back to blogging! I missed seeing what you were up to. You are having just too much fun with those spray paint cans! ♥♥♥ the of my most favorite colors. (matches my eyes)
    I had heard that the "blues" were going to be very big this year. yea!!!

    I love the punch of color from your hot orange pillows so I hope you find that extra fabric.

    I have lots of catching up to do with all your older postings. I sure hate to miss anything.


  9. I love that shade of turquoise! The chair is really pretty that color!

  10. You are so silly! Love that color!

  11. Loving your turquoise Mary!

  12. Absolutely stunning. I did not think of that shade of blue outside. It's the perfect fit.


  13. Love the turquoise~ what a great accent and this turned out wonderful! :) Would love for you to link this up at Feathered Nest Friday sometime! This week, I am hosting shabby cottage summer at the BBP- but FNF will be back next week! :)


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