Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outdoor summer scape #2

Well, let's try this again!  Last week I created my first outdoor table scape of the season.  You can go and check it out here.  I posted it before I linked up to Tablescape Thursday then low and behold lost my ability to log back in to blogger for several days.  So that one did not ever make the party.  I am hoping I can get this one in quickly.  Who knows what's going to happen next?

This table scape was quite fun because I've been slowly putting it together without intentionally looking for the pieces.  I just kept coming across things here and there that seemed to coordinate.  I've heard that Dianne over at The Thrifty Groove has a thrifty table scape challenge monthly party going on.  I hope this will qualify.  I'll let you be the judge.

My table scape is based on blue,brown and cream color combinations.

I started with this runner that I made specifically to go on this table on my screen porch.  I purchased this fabric from Hobby Lobby from the clearance bin.  I paid around $1.00 something a yard maybe for this, can't remember exactly.  It's indoor outdoor fabric and I also made pillows to go on some other chairs I have on the porch. 

I came across these melamine plates at Hamricks of all places.  They were 75% off and about $2.50 for a set of 4.  Not bad.  I thought they were going to be a perfect match to my runner and was a bit disappointed that the blue green on them is somewhat off.  I still like them though, and am very happy to have found them.

Cute little polka dots on the side!

The napkins are cream colored given to me recently from my Mom.  Free!

The wooden napkin rings were about .50 cents for a package of 10 from a yard sale.  I had intended to paint them assorted colors but have not done so yet.

My stainless was free too.  It's my wedding pattern, Louisiana from Oneida.

The glassware is free as well.  It was my grandmothers on my mothers side.  I just love the way the gold has turned to a coppery brown color after so many years.   I treasure these!

My centerpiece is a basket of wine carafes turned into vases.  I purchased this set from our church rummage sale for $2.00.  It was a natural color but I spray painted it white.

They hydrangeas are from my backyard.   I love the mixed shades of them!

Cute little cream colored birdie from DT.  $1.00.

Ooops!  Almost forgot to show you these little salt and pepper birdies.  They were purchased from Cracker Barrel just recently. They were on clearance and were about .50cents each.  They are so small and sweet.  I really should have bought quite a bit more.

Well there you go!  Not to bad for thrifty huh? 

I gotta go now, it's almost time for lunch!  When are you getting here?

Thanks for joining me today!
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I will also be attending one more special summer party this Sunday at the Tablescaper.  It's about where do you put it all.  So if your interested in seeing where I and all the other tablescapers keep our loot please be sure and come back and join us for that party too!

Have a great day and weekend!


  1. Looks lovely Mary! Now if it would just cool down a bit!!! I am so jealous of your hydrangeas! They are so gorgeous!

  2. How pretty! I love the color that you have your table and chairs painted. Makes me want to go out and repaint mine.

  3. Your runner looks great with the plates and table Mary! Enjoy:@)

  4. This is so much fun!..wish I was there having lunch in this awesome setting. I love outdoor eatin',and I love,love,love the color of your outdoor furniture,I want to paint mine now!

  5. Just lovely Mary! Love the fabric and plates! I agree with Stacey...makes me want to go out and paint mine too!


  6. One thing leads to another and you have a fabulous table scape! I think it qualifies as thrifty!


  7. It looks great, Mary. I especially like the runner.

  8. Those plates are too cute and you can never go wrong with hydrangeas!! I have the DT birdie too. That is until someone (who lives in my house and is 5 and is pretty cute!) claimed my bird, named him Tweet Tweet, broke his tail and carries him now in her purse. I love my bird...

    Love your table!!!

  9. Definitely qualified for thrifty, Mary, and qualified for really beautiful too!...Christine

  10. I'm trying not to covet the relaxing blues on your porch, Mary.

    I love the table. Blues and browns make a wonderful combination to me.
    I have never been to a Hamricks. I know they have one in North Augusta, SC because my mom has been there. I should make a road trip.

    Again, I can relate to wackado blogland problems.

  11. I love it all together. The fabric is beautiful and I think the plates go with it very well. Your hydrangeas are pretty too.

  12. Absolutely fantastic!
    You're an inspiration, Mary.

  13. Mary, this is a wonderful patio tablescape! I love the colors and the thriftiness of this! Just perfect! Thank you for joining in on the first Thrifty Tablescape party with this beautiful table! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Hi Mary!
    Love your little table set on your porch. It is charming. I think you have set a very thrifty and PRETTY table. Those little bird s and p's are just adorable!


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