Friday, June 17, 2011

Bargain Beauties

Whoever said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", couldn't have been more true!  If you don't agree just think about all those times you've dragged home something to refurbish and your Mr. has looked at you like you were insane.  We thrifty bloggers certainly know a deal when we find one, even if others just cannot see it.

I don't think that was the case yesterday though.  I think I found a few deals  that the beauty was very easy to recognize!  Let's see what you think.

One of our local Lowe's seems to be really quick about clearancing out their annuals.  I think it might be because this one get's in so many that they mark them down in order to move them more quickly.  Whatever the reason I am very glad they do.  I picked up this little beauty for only $3.00.  It certainly adds a nice pop of color to this little vignette by the door.  For some reason I've been struggling for inspiration here.

I was especially excited to find these markdown.  Vinca is very necessary for long lasting blooms here in the south.  I was about to buy another color at full price before I found these.

They were marked down to $1.00 each for a six pack.  I got 8 of these total.

This beautiful purple plant is a called a Serena and likes full sun too.  It was marked down to $1.74.

And this gorgeous lime green potatoe vine was not marked down unfortunately it was $3.56.  This is what I went out looking for in particular.  Why?  Because I finally completed a project that I started last summer.
Do you remember when I bought the pretty wrought iron deck planter but couldn't find a second one?   Guess what?  I never did find a match.
But lucky me, I did find two other matching iron planters at a yard sale about a month ago.  

I was so excited and even more pleased when the lady said they were only $2.00 each.  

I was very pleased with how they looked and they are expandable too.  So after adding cocoa liners, potting soil and a few beautiful plants my project is done!

And, I couldn't be more pleased!

I think my cat, Patch likes the pretty new look too! 

I was thrilled to see that not only does the basket adjust sizes, but the brackets that attach to the hand rail were adjustable also.  This was great because our handrails are large vinyl coated plastic and I did not want to drill into them so needed something to wrap around them.  I was able to adjust the bracket to snuggly wrap the rail then use ties to secure the ends of the bracket to the basket.   They are quite secure now too!     

I really wanted to have this beautiful green potato vine hanging from my baskets.  I just love how this looks!

Some projects are so worth waiting for.  We have another project that I've hinted about that we are pursing but it is slow going just to get started.  It's very frustrating for this impatient gal!  I want to fill you in so bad but just cannot do so yet!  Hopefully soon!

I even had enough of the vinca left over to replace the flower in these baskets that I have hanging on my deck in back.

All the multicolored bargains I originally had in these baskets died while the Mr. and I were out of town.  I forgot to mention to my son to water the plants.  

And here's another peek at the basket project from further out.  Please ignore my dying grass in the front.  It is St.Augustine grass planted by the original owners of this house.  There used to be quite a bit more tree around the front of this house that we cut down and the grass has withered because it is a shade grass.  We will be replacing this soon with Centipede which is much more sun and heat tolerant.  Hopefully we are going to tye that in with our other project.

And I'll leave you with a glimpse of what you see from my front door.  I just love seeing these beautiful baskets now when I walk out.

Thanks for stopping by today!
I just had to share these beauties with you.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Your thrifty finds look great Mary, and the potato vine adds a nice pop of color-enjoy:@)

  2. Mary everything is looking so beautiful! I love the planters on the porch, what a steal those were, I remember. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a gorgeous and serene setting you live in. Your home is beautiful and the front porch is stunning. I love everything about it!!

  4. What a gorgeous and serene setting you live in. Your home is beautiful and the front porch is stunning. I love everything about it!!

  5. Great finds, Mary!Your baskets look so colorful!Nothing like colorful flowers to greet you in the morning!

  6. Those thrifty flowers will give back many times over in enjoyment! Your porch looks lovely!
    I have beautiful window boxes on our front windows,a gift from our son, and even though I cut the hydrangea way back, they are already covering them! After the hydrangea bloom I will have to cut them in half!
    Have a great weekend, Mary!

  7. Your house looks fabulous. Maybe I'll check out our Lowes this weekend to see what they have left.

  8. You literally did get some bargain beauties, Mary! I love vinca. It's a favorite summer flower. Unfortunately, nothing is blooming at my house because of this drought, and our grass looks worse than yours.


  9. What great bargains you found! Your home is beautiful and I love your front porch.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Beautiful mix of plants, Mary. Love the colorful flowers and I like the planters....Christine


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