Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking a Break

I had prepared a really great post for you today for Wellness Wednesday that was about HOW to handle criticism WELL.  Let me be clear I was not advocating criticism but if your read the whole post you'd known I was speaking of HOW to handle it because it is always there.  Apparently blogger didn't recieve it to well, haha, and jumbled it up.  No matter how many times I tried to fix, it would not cooperate, so I deleted it.

The spacing was so horrible it gave me a headache to read.  Since I've been having some issues with blogger, have work to do to prepare for another Initial Outfitter party for Thursday, woohoo, and our Spring Break starts next week, I'm giving myself the gift of more time.  Additionally, I want to prepare my heart for Easter, so I've decided to take a break from blogging.

Until then, wishing all of you a very Happy Easter!