Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Congrats

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Katherine!  What a beautiful wedding for such a gorgeous couple!  I stand with many wishing you all the best in your marriage! That was fabulous!

This photo from Chris Jackson/Getty images


  1. Diana would have been very proud of her handsome sons today as they stood at the alter. I think she would approve of William's choice for a bride.

  2. She was just gorgeous. I told my daughters that I knew she would wear something understated, but that I hoped she would still look princessy.

    She did NOT disappoint.

  3. Beautiful! Well done William & Kate! Her dress was gorgeous!

  4. It was absolutely magical!!!

  5. Wasn't she gorgeous! Loved all the excitement!
    I went back on your last post. So much fun to read it. Wish I could have joined you for tea.
    Love your screened in porch. I noticed your pineapple sitting on the floor. I'm looking for one right now to put on our front porch.
    Have a good day!


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