Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calling All Country Princess's!!!!

You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Prince William and Lady Katherine at 4:00am EST along with The Decorative Dreamer.   Please RSVP straight away! 

I am soooo excited!  How about you?  Seriously!  For some reason I was not really into the whole Princess Diana thing, but dear sweet Katherine has stolen my heart!  Why?  Well because she is from the country side, rather Ralph Laurenish, IMOP, and of course because the dear sweet "classically gorgeous" woman is brunette!

  Honestly, I just love her style!  So to honor such a lovely woman on her wedding day I am inviting you to join me in your finest boudoir attire for the most re memorable occasion.

I've two large sofa's so there's plenty of room!

And I'm sure you will find something here to enjoy.

Well start with a bit of lemon tea to awaken our spirits.

I've also set out a few pirouline wafers and shortbread's for those who may be a bit hungry this early in the morn.

Of course well be using the Waverly paper plates and napkins in honor of our British royalty.

Then when it is time for....

William and Kate to say their vows....

We shall have a Mimosa toast!  What say you?

What's that?  So you don't think you have a thing to wear?

Of course you do!  I will be wearing one of my oldest and finest satin gowns and a silk robe.

And because I don't own any gorgeous slippers I will wear my newest blingy flip flops from Kohls.

Since I do not own a tiara (although I really should have been give one) I will wear my fabulous trademark wedding jewels.

Purchased for myself when I was a very young adult from an antique store.  I bought the necklace myself, then my mother surprised me with the bracelet that matched after going back to the antique store and tracking it down.  I just adore the pink rhinestones!  I have always felt them befitting the finest of weddings and have literally worn them to a few!

It is my understanding though that if you don't wear a tiara, the next best thing I understand is....a fantastic hat!  Well, sorry ladies, I don't have one of those either.  But I do have a fantastic straw hat and a beautiful genuine cameo given to me recently by mother...soooo...taaa daaa!  I'm believe I am ready!

How about you?  Are you ready?
Will you be attending?  I certainly hope so!
Please pardon my late arrival to..
 but I am sure you will understand there was much to do today in preperation for the wedding.

Let's all get to sleep now dahlings..we have such a busy day tomorrow!
Ta Ta for now!
Love, love,

Lady Mary