Thursday, February 17, 2011

Props or Bust?

Here's a peek at what I've been working on.  Props for my new business, selling jewelry and embroidered gifts with Initial Outfitters.  Just in case you missed it and I know most of you did, I am having a giveaway that I told you about yesterday. I am sure those who entered do not mind if you don't since that increases their odds, but if you like monogrammed gifts you may want to go back to that post here

Most of my sales will be through home party's in addition to my website.  Since I am selling jewelry I really needed a way to display my pieces.  I already have a few of my own jewelry displays I plan to use but I wanted to make a few new displays as well.

Do you remember I showed you this wooden CD rack I bought from one of my favorite antique/resale stores?  I told you about it here in this post.  Well, I bought it to use specifically for my new business.

Here it is after I spray painted it white.

I love how after just a few sprays you could still see the grain of the wood.  I didn't want to cover that.

Then I added burlap on the inside to give the background more texture.  I used the modge podge method our friend Kim at SSS showed us she used on her sideboard.  Thanks Kim, that was easy!

Then I added a Mocha glaze from Valspar.  This is why I wanted to keep the wood grain showing.  I just love this natural warn look!

This is going to stand up right on tables.  The burlap is a wonderful neutral background against silver and beaded chains.

These dowels will be perfect for hanging necklaces, don't you think?  I also think this piece is going to tie in very nicely with the next prop I made.

I was very inspired, after looking through the catalog that I had from last year.  Even though burlap is not used on the cover here, this is the reason I thought of using the burlap for the background texture on the previous prop.

Because I knew I wanted to try to make one of these busts in burlap too.  First, I cut out the shape I planned to use, by folding the burlap before cutting.

Then cut a strip for the bottom, and sewed them all together.  I stuffed it with several scraps of old fabric I already had on hand so I would'nt have to buy polyfill.

Then I sewed a collar and hand stitched it on.

And here is my standing bust!  What do you think?

  I know most of you sewers are probably giggling out loud by now, but I am pleased as punch!

 I think this is going to look great with the jewelry displayed on it too.  I can hardly wait until my samples arrive, just so I can see them here on my displays.

See that extra burlap there on the table I am playing with the idea of making a runner too. 

I have had such fun making these display and have a few more ideas for more, like something to display the bracelets and earrings.  Fun!  Fun!

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I gotta run, now and hit those thrift stores to find more pieces for props!
Have a great day!