Wednesday, February 9, 2011

R is for Retail Therapy

Good Morning Miss Jenny!  I'm heeeeyaaahh!  Did ya miss me the last few weeks? Yes mam, I have been absent quite a bit.  But, I been absent for a very good reason, now mind you.  Seems my cousin Mary has got so much going on again that she is just too busy to bring me to school these days.  She says she will do all she can but it ain't easy.  Mam?  Yes mam, cousin Mary really did say that! 

Yes mam, I do know that is not like her to talk that way, you are so right!  I think I've told you before about how cousin Mary forgets all her etiquette when she gets stressed.  Why yes mam, she is stressed again!  Yup, it's about a job again.  This time she's been offered a job though it ain't all that.  What?  Yes mam, I meant it's not all that.  What?  Yes mam, I mean it's not quite as promising as she had hoped it would be, though it is a sure offer.  Now do you understand?  Then she's got another opportunity that is not a sure bet but could be quite lucrative if she was able to make a go of it, though it's RISKY!    

No Mam!  Risky is not my "R" word, but that's a good one!  I was just getting to that, Miss Jenny, my "R" word is Retail Therapy, because that's what old cousin Mary decided to do today.  She said, it always helps.  She also said, "That's how you know your in the right business when you enjoy retail therapy as much as I do!".  LOL!  Let me show what her therapy session consisted of.

She found this cute little basket at one of her favorite consignment and antique stores.  It was 50% off because it's a Christmas item.  She plans to use it all year round after doing a makeover on it.

She said this little holly leaf is coming off as soon as she can figure out what tool to use to get it off. 

Then she found this here CD holder for 50% off too.  I said, now cousin Mary what you need that for?

She said, look at it this way!  It's got all kinds of possibilities when you look at it like this.  She said, this might come in handy if she feels like chasing her risky adventures.

Later at another antique store she found another booth that was 50% off.  She dug these two small dirty old silver trays out from the bottom shelf and was shocked to pay only $2.00 for one and $1.00 for the other.  That was unusual for this store as it wasn't no thrift store, but was a bonafied antique store.

She saved so much at that store she able to pick up a few luxury items.  She said, she was not familiar with this brand but they smelled so wonderful in the store she wanted to indulge.   As if, retail therapy wasn't indulgent enough?  Geez!

Well, that's all I got Miss Jenny!  Retail Therapy!   It helped cousin Mary a bit but there's still lots of decisions to be made, so I just don't know how often I'll be around.  I do like it here though, and will come as often as I can git here for;

Have a good day Y'all!
"Little Missy"