Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thrifts and Bargains

Hey again! Doesn't everyone love a great deal?  Silly question, I know right!  Well, I've got spring fever for sprucing up so I hit a few stores yesterday and came home with a few great finds.  I am sharing my fantastic finds today just in case they might be something you've been thinking about too.

My destination of choice yesterday was Hobby Lobby.  I have been eyeing these framed iron pieces for years.  Okay maybe not these exact ones but certainly they have carried very similar styles for years now.   I haven't ever really had a place I knew I would use them until yesterday when I decided to start making some changes in one of my rooms at home.  (More on that in another post to follow later)  Funny how you can have an idea in your head that remains dormant until one day the light bulb comes on!  As usual I took advantage of their 50% off sale to acquire two of these.  I cannot wait to start the changes for the room I'm going to use these in!

"Silver and gold, silver and gold, everyone wishes for silver and gold!  How do you measure it's worth?  Just by the pleasure it is here on earth."

 Love that song by Burle Ives!  But as you can see above I'm certainly not dreaming of Christmas y'all. There is a Carolina Pottery near the Hobby Lobby I shop at and I always stop in there when I'm over on that side of town.   I was so thrilled to find these silver placemats in a beautiful coral looking pattern.  I purchased some similar gold placemats just recently from Bed, bath and beyond and have been wanting to add some silver ones as well.  You can see those later if I can ever get my old posts loaded onto blogger from Wordpress.  Uggh!  I almost purchased the silver ones like my gold ones from BB&B the other day but put them back.  I'm so glad I did because I like these even better and they were less $$$.  These are going to be wonderful for everyday use this summer as they are easy to wipe down.  This is how you liven up your summer table with a some bling!

And speaking of bling.  I wanted to add some colorful candles for the summer to a pair of mercury glass candlesticks I have.   I was looking for teal candles and about jumped for joy when I spotted these.  With my new gray sofa in the den, my colors are changing in that room to gray, teal and yellow (or golden yellow).  These are going to look great and have a sand & sea smell to boot.  Perfect!  I will share that another time,   when I get the whole look pulled together. 

 Finally, "Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I's all right!"  
Lots of singing going on around here today huh?  You would be too if you snapped up this bargain.  I have wanted a sun mirror for sometime now.  I just had to grab this when I stopped in at one of my favorite local furniture consignment stores on the way to HL.  For any local peeps it's called Main Street Consignment.  They have the best stuff.  This was priced way lower then it should have been (even the manager commented so) and there was not a ding or bang on it.  Now where to put this is another story for another day because honestly I really am not quite sure on this one yet.  But you know me, I will find a place eventually.....and it will be soooo fun dreaming where!

Thanks for popping by again y'all
have a great day!
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