Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Freshly repainted Front Porch

Good Morning!  It's been quite beautiful here over the last few days with warmer then usual temps and I have been in spring prep mode.  I am craving color and sunshine, how about you?

I  really would rather be sharing pretty Easter decor today but I haven't quite made it that far.  I am getting there but I'm just a little behind schedule.  It's all good and I don't mind a bit though, because I have been busy taking care of a few much needed home improvements.

One big project is just about complete now and then the fun porch decor can soon begin.  Our poor front porch (shown above and below) has been in a major need of new paint job.  These first two photos show the deck stain and how it was starting to become a bit stripped of it's color.  Originally, it was painted in a solid stain from Sherwin Williams called Monterey Tan.

I have enjoyed that wonderful subtle khaki color for many years.  This year I decided to punch it up a bit though and go a bit darker.

I am so glad I did!  I am still using Sherwin Williams Super Deck solid stain but the darker shade I went with is called Tobacco.  It's still very much in the same color family as the previous color but is a deeper, darker and more richer color.  I know it's hard to see much of a difference in these photos but trust me its there.  I love how much of a contrast it is now then previously.  

This color has renewed my love of my front porch.
I would prefer not to have these wooden floors on this porch at all.  They are quaint but they require quite a bit of maintenance and I'm not getting any younger.   I'd rather tear them all out and poor concrete, but that's the way the house came and that's the way it staying.   I'm dealing with it because spending money on concrete is not in my game plan these days.  

The new color of the porch now compliments the roof. I keep toying with the idea of shutters but am leary due to the fact they will likely collect spider webs and dust and I'm not crazy about that at all though I do think they would look nice.   I also really do love my black door and really don't want to repaint but gosh it looks as if it could use some color too doesn't it?  Hmm???

Oh well, maybe I will wait until I get all the porch furniture back in place to see if I need more color.

You see, I've repainted a few other outdoor items as well.

Do you remember my little green wash stand I had on the front porch shown here from a fall post many years ago?  Well, it has spent some time on the screen porch for a few years and is all set to move back to the front porch again.

  Here she is waiting for the all clear to return to front porch.  I gave her a beautiful new update as well.  She went Mint!  I like the sound of that, kinda catchy....she went mint.  I love the crispy clean look of this color.  It's not too far off from the green which I really enjoyed by the way but it's so much fresher looking.  

Since the weather was so nice I and I was on a roll I could help but find one more paint project I wanted to tackle.

If you look closely in this picture above you will see there is an old bench right next to the potting table.  It's one of two that I had that my husband had made for me for our very first home.  It's nothing special and quite worn,  It has splitting wood and layers of chipped paint as well as overspray from all the paint projects I completed using this old bench.

As rough as they are I have never been able to part with them.  I no longer try to sand them way down.  They are old and so only a light sanding along the top with minimal amounts of work will do.  I like to think I am just adding on to the layers of joy that they represent to me.

Yes, it's a lavender bench!  Can you imagine the fun I am going to have picking out flowers for the back decks this year?  I can hardly wait.  Come on Spring, hurry up!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I am so pleased you did.  If you'd like to leave a message, I'd love to hear from you. 

 I'll will be back again to share more as soon as I can get out of all these paint cans.  It seems I couldn't help myself at the paint store when I discovered their mistint pile.  But that's another day's story.  I hope your having a great week dreamer friends!

Hugs and Waves!


  1. Mary, your house is beautiful! I love the style of your home with the porch and dormers. So pretty!

    Be sure to link with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  2. Oh, a fresh coat of paint makes you feel so good. Your porch looks nice. Love your front and back porches and deck. You have lots of places to enjoy being outside. We spend so much time on our back porch. It is our refuge.
    I have spring fever.


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