Monday, July 6, 2015

Unexpected Delights

Hey Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We had a very nice and relaxing weekend.  Not quite what I was expecting but such a welcomed surprise.  I was expecting to be on the go and busy, busy, busy as most holidays are.  However, the Mr. and I took a few ques from the very quirky weather this weekend, changing plans and enjoying more time around the house then I thought.  I must say after a very stressful week at work it was such a nice surprise.

Speaking of surprises, I couldn't help but getting excited when I saw this beauty pop up.  This was one of those unexpected joys from a long ago planted bulb that I had forgotten all about.

It has already started to fade some here but look how beautiful it still is.  Just gorgeous! Have you ever planted something and forgotten all about it until it blooms?  I can't even remember the name of this bloom.  All I can think of is stargazer lilly, but honestly, I just don't remember.

This beautiful plant always brings me such delight each year as it dies down during the winter and returns each summer fully of beautiful purple blooms.  It is called a Mexican Petunia and I just love it.  I have mine in a pot but have seen where some have been able to grow it in the ground as well.  I tell myself every year I am going to try some in the ground but have yet to do so.  

In my garden area by the pool I did plant several clumps of this Yellow African Iris.  I have lost a few clumps as they didn't take off quite like I had hoped.  I have clay soil here and it's quite tricky to find what will thrive and what will not.  The few clumps I do still have are hardy but hardly showy.  This is the first bloom I've been able to enjoy from these plants.

I stuck a few Blue Daze plants (two in each pot on each side) in with the potato vines in both of my Palm tree planters this year and had to remove one from each pot.  I am finally starting to see bits of blue peeking up on one side.  

I really can't complain about having to thin out this pot though because I am thoroughly enjoying the lush foliage from both the black heart sweet potato vine and the pink frost potato vine.  Both have done exceptionally well even in this extreme heat we've had.  

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the unexpected delights that caught my attention this weekend.  I haven't forgotten that I promised to share more boat pics with you too.  I will try and get back to that as soon as possible.  

As for me, I am headed to the Atlanta Market tomorrow for work.  We will be there through Sunday shopping our little hearts out for the store again.  It's such fun to be able to go and find things that are new and exciting as well as seeing all the new patterns and products from our usual vendors.  It's exhausting for sure but I am a shopper so its right up my ally.  Hoping I also can find a few more unexpected delights there too.  

Hope you have a great week as well!

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