Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mardi Gras Tablescape 2014

Hey Y'all! Do you celebrate Mardi Gras?  Well, me neither....LOL!  But....I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a Mardi Gras tablescape.  I just love the colors and imagery of Mardi Gras!  I have only done one other MG tablescape shown HERE. It was such fun to do that one that when I realized Fat Tuesday was fast approaching us this week I just couldn't help but getting creative.

I shared a few peeks on Instagram on Tuesday because I didn't have time to do a whole post until this morning.  Remember you can find and follow me on Instagram now too.  I may be wrong but I think you can still sign up for Instagram online even if you don't a cell phone, just go to and add me The Decorative Dreamer.  Now lets take a closer a look!

This year rather then sticking with only the more traditional colors of Mardi Gras I decided to veer off in a different direction.  I added the color teal.  A whole lot of teal!

What spurred the addition of teal was my centerpiece.

I had on hand several sea glass rocks in teal shades that I layered with iridescent pebbles, added the masks and beads I still had from the last MG tablescape I did.

I then topped it off with Peacock feathers.  I am not sure but for some reason Peacock feathers remind me very much of Mardi Gras and New Orleans.  Perhaps it has something to do with all those beautiful hand made masks.

Next, I added my teal and green Mediterranean styled dishware.

I topped the teal dishes off with a more traditional colored green napkin and gold beaded napkin ring.  Remember green, gold and purple are the traditional colors of MG.

I had a little fun with the more excessive patterns found in both the place mats and table runner.  Both of these seemed to bring in a little more of that French flair that also seems to hover in my mind when I think of Mardi Gras.  N'est-ce pas?

Sparkly silverware and...

....purple goblets paired with crystal wine glasses etched in gold complete the place settings.

A few coins, candles and silver sprinkled throughout added just the touch of "reckless elegance", 
I was hoping for.  Love that phrase, I think I'll coin it.  LOL!

Anyone care to be my mystery guest?

This was so much fun!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. That is such a fun tablescape, Mary! I love it!

    I didn't celebrate because I had to much work going on here. Trying to do things to the house.



  2. Your table is just lovely, Mary! I try to add teal (turquoise or whatever you want to call it) as much as possible. Those dishes are so pretty, and I really like the use of the black and white placemats and the table runner with the script. All looks great together. The answer to your question, no, I do not decorate for Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day. Our weather has been in the 80's for the last several weeks, so I am "full-on" Spring and Easter around here!


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