Friday, February 14, 2014

Lighter and Calmer in the Kitchen- My New Color

Hi All! Quick post before I attempt to drive in to work today.  After 3 days off with this crazy winter weather I am ready to get out of the house.

I didn't want to run off without showing you a quick peek at the new color in the kitchen.  

And here it is!  The new color I went with is called Muslin by Sherwin Williams.

I chose this color for one reason and one reason only.  

It's lighter and brighter and NEUTRAL!

Here's a quick peek at the old color as it showed in these Christmas photos.  Do you see the problem here?  Well, it didn't always look quite this harsh as shown.  However, in my photos and in the mornings early light under my incandescent ceiling lights it did in fact have quite a harsh glare.  Every morning I woke up to that glare and just couldn't take it anymore.

Doesn't this look so much better?  So much more at ease!

Here's the old color, again showing too much glare.

I still have roosters floating around the kitchen. 

A few more are making their way in as well.  I seem to be moving towards a more frenchy look in here.  I am finding myself being more and more attracted to fleur de lis decor then ever before.  It will be interesting to see how this room continues to evolve.

Loving the new color now, so I am redoing the den soon too!

Have a great day!
Hope you are staying warm, and cozy.
We are drying out here in SC today.
Goodbye Snow!


  1. I like the new color a lot. I liked the old one, too, but I understand how color can do things in pictures. And at night, too. I want to change our dining room. I am really tired of it.

    Love your new roos, too, Mary!

    Be safe on the roads.



  2. Love the new color, it is amazing. I think a soft neutral is always so easy to live with and so fun to decorate with. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thank you Marty! It is so much calmer to me. I am changing things up a bit in the den with drapery again and even better I think the new color will work with all of my older sets of drapery as well. Very versatile! I also wanted to let you know I am going to go private with my blog soon and would love to add you to continue viewing if you would like.

  3. I really, really like the new paint color you chose, very calming and just made everything in it stand out in the best way. I do love your little skirt at your coffee bar and your runner on the neat!

    1. Thank you Rondell! I made the skirt back before Christmas and love it so much. It makes a great hiding place now too. LOL! I am going private with this blog soon. I would love to add you to continue following! Thanks!

  4. Mary, that is really lovely! I have bright yellow in my kitchen, but right now I still kinda like it. The muslin color is more like what I put in my adjoining den. I love it in your kitchen so might be a copycat before too long. You never know!

  5. You new color is beautiful, Mary! I love it. Heck, I just love your pretty kitchen!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. This is beautiful, Mary! It's a perfect neutral, and looks great with your accessories. It's amazing how even small details just pop with the right background color. Love it!

    Good luck with your weather. I won't even tell you what our weather is like right now -- it would be cruel. But y'all can have your revenge on us come!

  7. Looks so bright and cheery Mary!


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