Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Around The Kitchen

Hi Friends! I am so thankful that this year as Christmas draws near I am able to slow it down a bit more and enjoy getting things set up for all of our family celebrations.  It's hard to believe that it was only a few years ago that I started decorating the kitchen with a Candy Land theme.    I have to say this theme is one of my favorite and holds near and dear to my heart.  I guess we never really outgrow "visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads", do we?

Rather then moving the bakers rack out of this space I decided to keep it here and just place the tree right in front of it.  

I also decided to keep the top a little simpler this year with the addition of a few new ribbons.

We are all about chevron here and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the color combinations on this ribbon.  I knew immediately it would be perfect for my kitchen tree.

Then I decided it would look even better if I added a little twine ribbon as well.  

On the bakers rack, I decided to keep out a good bit of my regular decor sprinkled with Christmas.

My elves sure look up to mischief this year, don't they?

And speaking of do you like the sprinkling of snow?  I love it!!!
  I have to tell you all I am just absolutely beside myself with joy about these picture effects.  I promise you I have not purposely added one effect myself. The only thing I have done was edit my pictures in Picasa then upload them to blogger.  When creating this post and adding a picture I am seeing two images to choose from.  One that is what I uploaded and one with special effects.  It's like either Blogger, Google, or Picasa is giving me a Christmas present.  It's crazy, y'all!

Well, before I go I've got to share my newly created coffee bar in the kitchen.  You may remember this as the wine bar last year.  I moved that over to another space in my kitchen after getting a new Keurig last month.  I'm still tweaking this area and playing with the decor here.

For the holidays, I think I've settled on this.

 Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoying the magic in my kitchen this year!

I am still hoping to get in at least a few more posts of my holiday decorating before Christmas arrives, if time permits.  If you enjoy holiday decorating please stop back by again sometime.  My next post will feature my dining room.  Come on back to see my nativity and hear about an amazing find I came across to complete my set.

Thanks so much for visiting today! Have a blessed Sunday Everyone!