Friday, May 24, 2013

Yay!!! I have a Booth now!

Whoo hoo!  Yesterday, I signed the contract for my first booth.  I just can't tell you how "very" long I have wanted to do this.   I was visiting my favorite resale store the other day and was so excited when I saw this booth was available. I decided it was finally the right time to move forward and just do it.   It's a small little space but it is quite large enough for me.  I am also starting small to test the waters without breaking the bank. I am sooo excited!!!! So without further it is!

This booth is located in a store that has been in business for quite some time.  It is called Almost Antiques...that pretty much describes it too.  It is located in a building that used to be a  very large daycare many years ago.  My booth is located in the back of the building in what was the gym.  That's why the basketball goal is shown behind my booth.  Hehe!  Don't worry it's not over my booth it's actually much further back against the wall.  

I was thrilled to get this space because I have always actually preferred shopping here in the back of the building in the gym.  I like how there are more booths and more vendors spread out back here.  My booth is only 5 x 10 in size which is among some of the smaller ones.  There are actually some smaller spaces available that are essentially cubbies only.  Seriously! You know the kind of cubbies you see in a daycare.  LOL!   Anyway, I like this space because I can put some furniture in here if I want and I certainly do.  My hope is to get a few pieces at a time to work on and sale in addition to all the other smaller items that will go on shelves.

I am welcome to use any of these shelves if I want too or they will move them out.  I am glad they are here because I need to use them for now.  I can move and rearrange and set up how I want.  I can keep the tulle around the wood or get rid of it, but the lattice has to stay as that is what they built.  I'm good with that because it's one of only a few booths that has this in the gym and that gives me wall space to hang things on.  There were a few pieces of "stuff" left over from a previous tenant in these pics.  It's not my stuff, I haven't moved in yet.  They are getting rid of that stuff and I can move in ASAP.

I will be doing so immediately as soon as I can finish gathering up some of my own stuff.   Pricing things out and inventorying everything.   I can hardly wait and am feeling just giddy!

I am still wrestling with what to name my booth.  Hoping I'll come up with something soon!
Thanks so much for stopping by today to share my good news.

I hope each of you has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Congratulations! That's a fun undertaking. I hope it takes off and you make lots of money.

  2. Hi Mary! Boy, you have been a busy lady and with the booth you will be even more busy and fun! I think I'd go with the name of my blog for your booth, you can get business cards made up and have your blog url on it and that would bring in more traffic to your blog:) Great idea to start out small and see where it goes from there.
    Have a wonderful weekend, hope you are having nicer weather than us, it's been storming and rainy for three days!

  3. That is so exciting!!!! You are going to do amazing and be so creative with it! I can't wait to see it all done up for the first time! I totally think you should call it The Decorative Dreamer! Congrats!

  4. How exciting Mary! You will have so fun much with your new booth!! Trust me, it will keep you busy!! Enjoy your holiday weekend, Gail


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