Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grab and Go Dining

Today's FB status for me was...Man, has my brain been in creative overload!  I have to tell you I have been on a roll!  This is a very welcomed thing too because after what feels like almost years of just slowly pumping it out I feel like I've started to make a turn around.

Today among several other things I worked on getting the dining room straightened up.  It was very cluttered from gathering things up for my booth and desperately needed to be put back in order.  I feel so relieved to have things looking straight and looking great if I do say so myself.  Now we could be here all day if I showed you everything I worked on.   So, for both our sakes I will only focus on one corner of the room only for this post.

This is what I am calling my "Grab and Go" vignette.  How do you like that idea?

This vignette all started because I wanted a place to store these two wonderful picnic baskets that I purchased from the antique store last week.  I found them, fell in love and that's when I made the decision it was time to open my own booth.

I have been a basket lady for as long as I can remember.  I have always, always decorated with baskets.  In fact, I've had so many at one time I even eliminated several before a move.  

 Come on, just try and tell me that you would have been able to skip right on by either of these.  I just do not think so my friend!

 Of course a basket as cute as this deserves to be filled with all kinds of goodies too.

My beautiful melamine plates are perfect for outdoor entertaining on the run.  Now I will get to enjoy looking at them as well, instead of them being all cooped up in the kitchen cabinet.

I also unboxed a few special bottles of wine that were still sitting in the box that I brought them home in from our trip to Biltmore house and Gardens.

Finally because all good picnic baskets must have linens.  I decided to use a few out of a very special set I purchased from a resale store last year.

Along side of this picnic basket I decided to use a few things to create a "Grab and Go" utensil caddy.  This will be perfect to pick up and take outside to use by the pool.

I even managed to work in a space for that cute little piece of pottery that was supposed to be going in my booth.   Just not quite yet though!  Hehee!

Under the table is where I keep two of my silverware boxes so I decided it would also be a great space for the other other basket.

And just like the basket on the top, it deserved to be filled with things for outdoor dining as well.

Since these are my newest acrylics and I love, love, love the way they look, they were my first choice.

Do you even have to ask why I chose this linen?  I didn't think so!  

Looks like I'm all ready now!

Thanks for stopping by today, I really appreciate the visit.  I truly do hope you enjoyed it as well.
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