Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Tablescape 2013

Sunday the Mr. and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo right here at home.  We love to eat Mexican food!  In fact we actually eat out at a local Mexican restaurant quite regularly and had just done so within a few days of Sunday.  Since we had already eaten out and because I love to cook this particular dish we decided to eat in.  So what is it that we stayed in for?

Chicken Fajita's and refried beans!  I've included my very easy cooking tutorial on this meal at the end of this post, for those of you who are like me who usually cook out of necessity.  LOL!

Of course I also wanted to take advantage of setting a very colorful table.

These napkins were purchased last year from Stein Mart.

The dishes also came from Stein Mart last year and are from Gibson.  I actually bought them for my son to take to college.  He is coming home today but brought home a few things last weekend. Just in the nick of time right?  They are perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

My flatware also came from Stein Mart as did my placemats.  The flatware I believe to also be from Gibson.

My Margarita glasses were a yard sale purchase several years ago.  I do believe they originally came from Pier 1 though, maybe.  

We dined on the small table I moved in the den a few months ago.  It was quite cozy!

The votive candle holders came from Ole Time Pottery.

Of course no Mexican meal is complete without chips and salsa.  The red plastic dish is one of a set of four that I got last year from either Walmart or Dollar tree.  I can't remember!  Sorry!

Well, now if your interested let's see how I made this meal.

Because I am a lazy cook I take the easy way out and buy frozen chicken fajita strips from Tyson.  They come in a bag and are already seasoned.  Then I add frozen peppers and onion strips from Birds eye.  I put everything in a large frying wok and heat them up together.  I don't add water because the moisture from the frozen foods is enough as it melts.

Then in a separate pan I spray it with olive oil cooking spray and add my tortilla.  I use the wheat ones.  You simply spread your meat and veggie mix down the middle and top off with cheese. 

I then use a spatula and flip it over and heat a bit more on each side.  I then set this one aside and spray the pan again and I'm ready to make the next one.  I have found it's very important to keep spraying the pan in between each fajita to keep from sticking and the olive oil actually adds a nice flavor to the fajitas. 

Serve it all up and enjoy!

Thanks so much for joining me today!
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Have a great day everybody!


  1. I don't know what looks better, the table or the food. It's so bright and lively and festive and I love it. The linens are just wonderful.

    Glad you have more time to play this spring!

  2. Mary, this sounds delicious. I love making fajitas too. And I use the tyson chicken and the beef. We like them mixed. I've never warmed the tortillas that way, I just usually stick them in the microwave, but will have to give them a try. Love your table! Goodness, the colors are splendid and all the pieces are perfect! xo marlis

  3. Love the dishes! Pretty Cinco de Mayo table and the food looks good too.

  4. What a gorgeous table! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm now following.


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