Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Camp Life

If your expecting one of those cutesy posts with lot's of adorable vintage camping decor and such this is not it!  This the first of what I hope to be many more travel adventures in our camper under the Carolina moon.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked up on our last night of camping.  The Palmetto tree and the crescent moon are the symbols on our South Carolina state flag.  What a wonderful feeling to look up and see it in person!

I so wish I had gone back inside and gotten out my other lens to get a better close up picture.  

But as you can see I was a bit preoccupied earlier with cocktail hour.  LOL!

Here's my sweet and adorable better half!  We had such a great first trip in this new to us camper.

We certainly did make a few new memories of us.  It was such fun getting back into the swing of things after being out of camping for over 10 years now.

I didn't take to many pictures of our camper but did want to share this one glimpse of our camp life.  Were kinda messy here tonight huh?

What I really wanted to show you though was...camp life in general in the campground.  These photos were all taken while we were riding around in the golf cart so I hope you'll understand why they are not the clearest. Golf cart travel is a big thing with most campers and is fun too.  We actually have a golf cart at home but didn't bring ours because we only brought one car.  We tow with my husbands Expedition and would need to bring my car and a trailer to bring ours.  We opted just to rent a golf cart instead and we were glad we did because they were brand new 2013 models.  We stayed at Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Surfside Beach, SC.  It's one of our favorite places to go because of the location, amenity's and atmosphere.  We do not come here for peace and quiet though.  That's what other campgrounds are for!  Don't get me wrong, they have their own security police and are very strict about enforcing the rules, which is a very good thing.  What I mean is, that this is a very popular place with a good bit of activity.  I didn't photograph the amenity's and will have to do that on the next trip.  This trip I focused on just showing you a glimpse of what the actual camping life looks like.  Hold on tight while we whiz around now, okay?

Notice anything yet?

Check out the little arrangement of flowers here by the golf cart.  The sign beside it held their familys name and such.  There was another group of flowers on the backside that held a sign that simply said "garden".

Now this big rig tow was quite the extreme, but I couldn't help but notice how many large RV's there were on this trip.  Usually the large Motor homes are few and the tow-alongs are everywhere.  Well, at least that was how it was 10 yrs ago.

I was simply amazed at how many motor homes and brand new campers in general there were.  

Make no mistake about it BIG is in!  

Many campers want every possible extra they can get now too.  I certainly don't blame them.  These large campers are not the only ones that are now building TV's on the side.  We saw lot's of them!

I love seeing all the toys everyone brings with them!

I also love when you come across matchy-matchy campers.  Heehee!

And of course I love to see how people decorate and accessorize.

Of course vintage is definitely in too!  There will always be something very unique about an Airstream.

I was especially amazed at the vintage awnings on these.

Love the very vintage looking and colorful bike here!

Speaking of colorful, this is one of my most favorite shots.  Have you ever seen a better combination of machines?  LOL!  This was located right outside of one of the bathhouses.

  I was also thrilled to see that OL has updated their bathhouses as well.  I generally prefer my camper but our shower is a tight fit with little headroom.  If the bathhouses are nice I will use them in order to get more room while showering.  I must be getting older and more mature now because I used to not want to step foot in one at all.  L My motto was to get in and get out as quickly as possible.  This trip I just didn't mind.

Camping people are generally very sociable and like to have fun.

Do you see what I mean?  How cute is this?

Speaking of cute...

There are several ponds located throughout this campground.  This was only one of them.  The ducks seemed to be very people friendly this year and were everywhere.  I guess they have been fed too many times.  We had one walk right up to our campsite the first day we arrived looking for food.  I wasn't too crazy about that. They shoo away easily enough though.

I hope you enjoyed our little round about the campground.

Here's the Mr. outside of our camper enjoying the Carolina moon. He's patiently waiting on me to stop taking pictures so we can be off and enjoy our last night cruising through the campground, and that's the real reason I didn't go back in to get the other lens.  

 Our first trip really was a lot of fun! This will not be our only way to vacation but it will be a great addition to help us get away more.  I'll be sure and try to take more pics of the fun stuff people have set up around camp and amenity's in future posts.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to one of America's most famous campgrounds.
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  1. Just left a verbose comment about how cool this all looks. I see that blogger ate it. Blogger must be getting really fat off of all the posts of mine that it eats.

    You are tempting me to put buy a trailer on the bucket list!

  2. Oh I do miss our motorhome. We sold it about 7 years ago, but we had so much fun and really enjoyed all of our trips. Your pictures brought back so many fabulous memories. Such fun. So glad you are enjoying yours. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. This is certainly different than the way we used to camp, but that was 30+ years ago. We were rustic campers -- outhouses, open-fire grills, & narrow dirt and gravel roadways. We certainly didn't see high-rises in the background and there wasn't even radio reception -- TV, what? I'm glad you are having fun, but I'm pretty glad to have that camping stuff out of my system. Give me a Hyatt any old day....lol!

  4. Mary, I loved seeing this. What fun! My cousin used to have an airstream, and I would love to have a camper. This really looks like a fun time. If I showed Mr. Magpie, he would say, "Let's sell everything and hit the road!" Not such a bad idea!




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