Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines in the Foyer

Well, I just couldn't stop myself!  Even after I said I wasn't going to do it this year, I just had to break out the Valentines decor.  Blame it all on the mirror okay, my NEW mirror that is! 

I just recently added this new larger mirror to my foyer and moved this old cabinet back into the foyer again.  After seeing how dark it all looked I decided I needed a pop of color.  

And what better color to pop then RED right?

So, I pulled out all of my old Valentine tricks and decided what I wanted to use.

I knew I just had to use my sweet lil cherubs!

I love how dreamy they look!

There's also something about a bouquet of roses and carnations that just speaks Valentines to me.

The new mirror even got a Valentine topper of it's own.

And on the other side of the foyer by the front door I added a few welcoming hearts.

Truth be known, I had to move this welcome sign inside because the wind keeps blowing it over on the porch outside.   Oh, look!  Do you see one of my sweeties down there in the corner looking in?  I think she wants a little lov'in too!

Well I am off today and getting out and about to look for some other bright colors to brighten up this spot after the Valentine's decor comes down.  I'm thinking a new lamp, maybe more greenery in larger deco jars, and a statement piece of some sort.  Oh, what fun!

Thanks for joining me today for

It's always so nice to hear from you!
I hope you also have a great day!