Monday, January 14, 2013

What TIME do you have?

I am sure by now you have all heard me talk about not having much time.  So....with that in mind let me show you my "I don't have TIME mantle".  Tah dahhh!

I say that because these clocks literally do not have the real time on them.  Haha!  They are lacking batteries and quite possibly a little more.

The little clock that I purchased last year really does just need some batteries put in the back.  The larger clock was given to me from a friend who thought I might like to try and do something with the frame.  I think she told me the clock was broken but thought I might like it because she thought the frame looked somewhat nautical.   I've had it put away for some time and only recently pulled it out this morning after thinking that maybe I should buy a big clock from work to go on my mantle. 

I have seen clock parts at Michael's recently so I know I can easily buy the part for the back if it does not work.  But upon closer inspection, I suspect that maybe she gave this to me because of the bubbles in paper.  I think I can fix this with a little modge podge.  What do you think?  I would love to hear your thoughts about if MP will flatten the paper facing on the front of the clock.

My "Emerald" green (yay-yuh, I'm on top of it) vases have been sitting all alone on my mantle after I took down the Christmas decor.  After I added the clock, it all came together really quickly.

After pulling in a few more elements from around the house...

...And a splash more of that "Emerald" green, I was done.

I really was inspired by two bloggers for this mantle setting.  I picked up a few ideas from Gail's Decorative Touch and from Saavy Seasons by Liz.  Thanks ladies!  Can you spot your ideas?

I had intended to leave my mantle blank with the vases only but I am so glad I didn't.

 I love how this turned out and I love that I found TIME to keep visiting some of my favorite blogs to peep at and gain such beautiful inspiration.

   I hope I can get these clocks up and running soon.   I still can't believe I actually had all of this just sitting around the house and didn't have to spend a dime for such pretties.  I love when that happens, don't you?

 Please be sure and remember to let me know if you think the modge podge will do the trick on the paper bubbles on my clock, okay?

Thanks so much for stopping by yall!
I think I'll be joining the following parties this week and maybe a few more too;

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Love your mantel, is is gorgeous. The clock vignette is so pretty and both of them are lovely. I don't know about the MP, I am not very versed in using it. Love the touch of green and the pinecones, looks beautiful. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your mantel turned out gorgeous! I love each and every detail. Did you make the tiered tray?

  3. It looks great. Symmetrical without being perfectly matched. They have clock parts at Michael's and Hobby Lobby too. :)

  4. Very pretty! I like it. I'm working on my mantel tweaking it here and hope to post it later this week. It has been so cloudy that the picture just aren't coming out very well!

    Have a great week!

  5. Mary I love your mantel with the clocks. Oh and you are so there with that Emerald green! Really it's just the right touch of color. Hugs, Linda

  6. No Mod Podge advice, but I can say your mantel looks terrific!!! (plus I can spot your Liz and Gail inspiration!) Jane

  7. I love the mantle!! The layering looks awesome! I don't know about the modge podge. I am afraid it would just make it damp and then crease it. I don't know that it would help smooth the bubble out. Did you son get the Rewined in Charleston. I had seen those in the market and kept meaning to get one and never did. Oh how I miss my Charleston!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, girl I so love a clock, have many around here. Your large clock looks incredible in front of the mirror, what presence it has. hugs ~lynne ~

  9. Love clocks also Mary and I've been tempted to put my big one, that I have above the tv, on the mantle. Maybe one day:) I love the smaller one too, really neat!

  10. Sorry I cannot help about the mod podge cause I have never used it before but your mantel is beautiful. You did a great job decorating...Christine

  11. I love clocks used in vignettes. Your mantle looks great.


  12. I think your mantel looks wonderful, Mary! I adore clocks as accessories and think yours are perfect -- ticking or not! You might have to make a little slice in the larger bubble area when you use the modpodge to get it to flatten out. For me, I wouldn't mind the kind of wrinkling look that you might have using the above method -- I would like the "vintagy" look that might leave you with. Good luck with however you handle it.

  13. It really does look beautiful! I like to mix things up around the house until I have something different! And I love old clocks...whether they work or not! They look neat! I like the touch of emerald green that you've it pizzazz!


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