Sunday, January 6, 2013

Joining in for Gratitude Sunday

Hey Yall!  Did you know there's a new linky party in town with Linda at A La Carte?   It's such a wonderful idea and I hope there will be many who will want to join in.  I know I sure do!  What's it called, or all about you ask?  Well, it's called Gratitude Sunday, need I say anymore?

  I really like this idea so much.  During the month of November I took the gratitude challenge on FB and posted something I was grateful for everyday.   Let me just say it was hard!   I learned that while I am always very keen on how grateful I am about the "Biggies" (you know all the important stuff) I don't really take the time to appreciate all the little stuff in life like I should.  It's high time I slowed back down more, smelled the roses and pay tribute to the little things in life just a bit more and this party is just the boost I need to encourage me.  Thank you Linda!

That being said, I am sharing something with you that many of you may have already discovered.  But... if there is that one chance that there is just one of you who reads this who also loves reading in general and does not know about this then I will be pleased to have shared.  So, what am I talking about?

  It's called Kindle for Pc and I got it totally free.  Did you know you could download a FREE kindle for Pc app for your computer? Well I sure didn't, until just about a month ago.  You can also download this app on your phone too.  I know I am behind the times y,all so humor me okay?  Just go to this link HERE if you also are interested in starting your own little online library.

I have learned that you can also download hundreds of books online for FREE too.   I just googled the words "free online books" and got several links to all sorts of sites to search for books that you download into your kindle for Pc.  I really love to read but find I have so little time to go to the library like I used to.  This app has been such a blessing to find.  Here is how the page of a book looks when you are reading it.  

Since I have a laptop I have been enjoying laying on the couch and reading away.  My latest topic has been a bit of an obsession with royalty.  You know back in the day!  I have been enjoying savoring all the details of royal etiquette, dress and their day to day affairs.  Even if what I am reading is fictitious and slightly slanted towards romance.  It's still quite interesting and enjoyable.  Hehe!

  Do you see the little blue mark on the top of the page in this picture.  That's a bookmark.  It's so cool.  You can electronically bookmark your page too.  How cool is that?  

Yep!  To say I am grateful for this little freebie is an understatement indeed.  I am just so thrilled to have found this for my computer at long last.  Reading in the evenings is a small pleasure I have been missing for some time.  I even enjoy scoping out books online that I may want to read in the future now too and storing them in my library shown above.  This app certainly doesn't replace the feel of a real book but it does keep me enjoying a favorite pastime in a very convenient new way.  For this I am truly grateful!

How about you?  Have you gotten on board with reading books online yet?  If you have I would love to hear of any sites you use as well for finding online books. 

Happy Reading everyone!
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