Sunday, October 28, 2012

I desperately need to Declutter!

It's official!  I have decided now is the time to truly start decluttering my life.  Seriously!   I'm not just talking about the small stuff like cleaning up this space here, although this is a great place to start.  Let me try and put it all into perspective for you.

Sitting on this table is one of three umbrellas I've been carrying around in my car.  This one is somewhat broken but my favorite color of the three.  I think it's time to say goodbye to this green umbrella.  Surely, I do not need three umbrellas do I, especially one that is broken?  The library book will need to be returned, it's overdue!  The candle is one of a whole cabinet full of unburned scented candles.  They will be hard to part with but I am sick of all this unused and accumulated stuff.  The bag below this table is full of clothes from my closet that I cleaned out a few weeks ago.  It's still sitting on the floor here waiting to go out of the door.  

I was so tired of seeing clutter that I eliminated some items from my fall display here in order to make it more appealing to me.  It still seems a bit junky, but did you notice the magazines below?  Two baskets and a bottom shelf under the table full of them!  Why?  How long will I live with it looking this way?

This stack of magazines in my bedroom I have had for well over 6 or 8, maybe 10 years.  No kidding! I am sure I brought this from our old house.  I am being brutally honest here because ladies, I am just tired of it all.  I have decided it's not only time to get rid of the magazines but the magazine racks too.

Now if you think that's bad just take a look at my dresser.  Yes, I have so much schtuff here it's crazy.  And what do you think is in that JC Penney bag?  I'll give you a goes very well with the rest of the schtuff on this dresser.  Why?  What made me think I needed more jewelry just because it was on sale?  I am going to have to put a habit into practice that a very dear old customer from my old store taught me.  She said to always get rid of something when you bring something new into the house.    Now doesn't that make great sense?  I think so.  Only, I am way overdo and have so much junk to get rid of.

Take this set up here above my toilet into account.  These little chotzkies are cute but they really do not do anything for me as far as decor design goes.  I am so over this.  Why do I want something to look "kinda" cute and have no valuable use in my bathroom sitting around collecting dust?  I don't.  They will have to go.

Do you remember me posting about wanting to put the plates I bought on the wall in a pattern above my sofa?  Well, I was thinking it may be a bit too much so I ended up moving these sconces from bedroom.  I love the palm trees in here but am thinking it's a bit too cluttered looking.  What do you think?  

I even had already bought another new pair of sconces (like I needed a hole in the head) then decided those were too large and maybe too goth looking for my taste.  

So here they sit under the overly loaded foyer table.  I was thinking of putting them up beside the mirror in I am thinking yard sale, maybe!

The dining room is so cluttered and full of junk I've been purchasing to put around but have failed to find the time to do it.  When I get home from work the last thing I feel like doing lately is decorating.  My days off have been spent resting because I am so tired.  Or I spend my time off dreaming of what I need to make my space more appealing.  But I am tired of shopping for the right look lately too.  I feel like I already have the look I really want.  I think it's just hidden under all this crap I have accumulated over the last several years.  I feel like my home is starting to look more like an attractive consignment booth then my own space.

I made great strides with decluttering the porch this summer but left one little corner full of stuff I wasn't ready to get rid of.  Now, I'm ready to yank a few things off of this corner now too.
Do you ever feel this way too?

I'm not sure what's going on but I really do want to streamline things ALOT lately.  I would love nothing more then one day to have a small little cottage home on the lake that we love so much.  It seems we will never get there.  We always say what would we do with all this stuff?  When we see a home that I like, the Mr. reminds me; "You won't have room for all your stuff. "  Well ladies, I don't want stuff to get in the way of my dreams any longer.  I don't want anyone to have to deal with these things when I'm gone either, but honestly I don't know exactly where to start.  So many things hold memories but again do I really need so many chotzkie style memories?  I don't think so.

  Have any of you ever really dealt with this?  How did you decide what to get rid of and what to keep?  If any of you out there are still reading my blog I would love your advice.  I do believe I am more ready then I have ever been to begin eliminating the junk and the excess and making room for  true comfort and style.  

It's time for a real life

What do you say?


  1. Well as you have already seen from all the posts I have been doing, my house looked way worse. It feels so good to just let go of some of this stuff and really, really declutter. Funny thing, I don't miss any of it. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel, but I have the same problem knowing what to keep and what to get rid of. Although....I got rid of some major stuff last year. My daughter hosted a "Santa Sale" (consignment), and I was ruthless! All that didn't sell, was donated. Since then I've wondered why I got rid of a couple of the items. But, oh well...they're gone now. I need to continue going through things and "let them go". I think I'd feel so much better with some "blank" space. Good luck as you start doing this.

  3. Hi! Yes, I am reading, and know what you are saying. We JUST moved into a new home (less than a month ago). We DID get rid of alot of stuff, FILLED a dumpster. Then we packed a POD full, and have stuff at my cousins basement. I just didn't know what we would need/use here. But now I see I am going to have to get rid of alot. My house was not cluttered, it all had a place but now I don't have as much display space and really I am ready to part with some things. I suggest giving yourself a goal. Say for just 10 or 15 minutes a night, work on it. Maybe gradually you can do more. How about a best friend to help? MY best friend is awesome in helping me with things like this. Let me know how you do. PLEASE don't let your stuff keep you from your dreams. XO, Pinky

  4. I have been there. I have done that. Seriously, you just have to start. My key in the purging process is karma. If it is something I love, I keep it. If it is something I have, and does not have a purpose or bring me joy, it can go. If it is something that someone dear to me loved, I think about karma, and if keeping it will give me some peace. I have 3 boxes of karma in the basement. Didn't need it, didn't love it, but couldn't part with it. That does help the process that it isn't all or nothing. It gets easier as you go. It really does. Once you start donating all the bags and boxes of things, your house and your mind feels lighter. I have been retired for about 3 years. I worked a stressful job, and after having so many stress related symptoms, I finally quit. My health improved almost immediately. The peace of not being "reviewed" by someone (about 20 years younger than me), and not being told how I could improve what I was doing with "constructive criticism" I finally just checked out. Life is too short. And soon after the purging just came naturally. It is something we keep up with all the time. You are never really done. But allowing myself those karma boxes in the basement really made a difference for me. It is nice to know the kids won't have to wade through so much junk, too. Good luck!! You will feel so much better!!

  5. Mary, I understand 100%! I tend to hang on to things because of memories. I am trying to learn to take pictures of items and then give them away to goodwill. When we moved to Charleston, I got rid of so many things and it felt so good. Now I realize I need to do it again here. I don't want 4 junk drawers! I want a neat and organized house that flows And works for my family. I recently organized the mud room and that has worked really well for us. There are lots of great websites to help organize. I really like I heart organizing. She is amazing! I think the main thing to do is start with a small area. I get overwhelmed very easily when I see all of it so I have to break it down into small areas. You can do it!!!

  6. Oh, Mary, you are having a day aren't you? I think we all go through periods like this. My home probably looks cluttered to some people, but I really try to only have, keep and purchase what I truly want. I do make regular donations to Good Will, too. An idea that someone gave me many years ago, was to box things up that you "think" you want to get rid of, but maybe aren't absolutely certain. Then you choose a time limit, 6 months, a year, it's up to you. Write a date reflecting that time limit on the box & stash it away in a basement, attic or storage closet. If you haven't had to open that box looking for something by the time the expiration date arrives, take it unopened to GW or wherever you prefer. I do this a lot with clothing, but you could do it with anything. Good luck with your challenge!


  7. Yes!!!!

    Mary, you are not alone here. Not only did I reach my breaking point earlier in the year, but several of my friends around the same age did too. I think it comes with the empty nest years. Simply put, we want to feel as if we can breath.

    I've been working on this for months, and I can't tell you how wonderful it has been.

    My best advice? Don't cave midstream and give in to the temptation to put some of it away. Drag it out, put it in piles, and deal with piles in time. If you have an extra bedroom, let that be your pile space.

    And toss, toss, toss.
    Did I mentioned toss?

    Go, Mary! Go, Mary!

  8. YES, YES,YES! I find as I get older I want to de-clutter more and get rid of stuff that I no longer desire. I am going thorough my gazillion decorating magazines right now and getting rid of many of them. My next project is to take each room and go through every drawer and closet and get rid of things no longer needed or wanted. I figure doing this right now before the holidays is a great time to do it. And oh- I need to decrease my holiday items by at least half! I have enough to decorate at least four homes! Too much!

  9. About a year ago, I decided to declutter. Having children move home for the summer, 2 international students to care for year round and a decreased energy level (aging) makes the process slow. But I've sent over 400 items to the Salvation Army thrift store. And I've made a rule that nothing new comes into the house unless something goes out.

    You know what I've found? That the more I declutter, the more I WANT to declutter. So I periodically try to look at things and see if they really are as decluttered as I want and what else I can let go. It gets easier. But be patient with yourself; and be ruthless!

  10. As much as I've loved collecting beautiful things all my married life,I started to feel pulled down and a bit stuck by it all. I have a fairly large home,and lots of storage,but I wanted some empty space too. I wanted to have my china cabinets and buffets to be pretty,not stacked with stuff! And so,I started. I chose one cabinet or table at a time,decorated it with a few things that I loved...then stopped. I donated boxes and boxes of dishes,ornaments,vases,candles and holders,art,etc. I love how my home feels and looks now. It all starts with a small step.Good luck!

  11. Oh, Mary- I am going through exactly the same thing. What to keep-what to give away-what to sell. It is a daunting task, isn't it? I have way too much stuff but so much of it has such memories attached. It is just hard- I completely understand. When you are done there maybe you can come over and help me! xo Diana

  12. Oh...what a wonderful post. I can soooo relate and was beginning to wonder if anyone else thought the same. It seems I "live in my head" way too much with so many ideas that never come to reality even though I buy/obtain all the little materials, etc. that I need to actually get the job done! It just never seems to get done....just sits there all pretty in my head.
    My house looks just like yours........:)
    S A J

  13. You've already gotten good advice from other commenters, so I will echo their suggestions to mainly pick a place to start and chip away at it, even if only 15 or 30 minutes per day. When it is all gone you will feel so much lighter and enjoy your house in its new, streamlined look.

  14. I've been Decluttering since last March.. For me- cause I had so much STUFF- including 2 storage buildings at the back of my land- its taken awhile.

    I am happy to say I am one hall closet and one storage/craft room away from having it all Gone and I've never been happier. I go can in any room- look in any closet- open any cabinet and see it clean and dressed properly.. I'm amazed at how easy it is to find exactly what I need quickly too.

    Just keep telling yourself how much more happy and stress free you will be and how you have blessed others who might need or want exactly what you're getting rid of.. in truth-rid of arent the right words-you are passing things on to put a smile on someone elses face and a song in their soul.

    I actually visualize the things I've passed on in other folks hands and how happy that is making them.. in my minds eye, we are Both smiling.

    good luck ~!

  15. Last January we decided to downsize our "stuff" ... and I also decided to downsize my dishes and linens inventory for sale. It's been a busy year and we're STILL working on it. Earlier this week we made amazing progress when we took 3 loads of really good stuff to auction for next week's sale. I'm feeling lighter-weight already ... and can now tackle the next layer of "treasures." I agree with previous advice: If you LOVE it and can envision using/displaying it, keep it. If it's just going to get stored again (with a few exceptions), get rid of it. When possible, I'm passing on my pretties to people who I think will enjoy them (but you already knew that).

    Good luck! Start with your Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. If you're like me, you've got some that need to find a new home.

  16. Just checking in to see how you're coming with the decluttering. I thought I had commented last week but apparently not. I've been on a major mission to declutter for a year now. I told hubby my goal is to see empty spaces every time I open a drawer or a closet. Your other friends have given you good advice, too. Since I read this post last week, I've been to Goodwill twice. Both times I only took 2 paper grocery bags but I got it out of the house. (This summer I was filling up the back of the car!) Good luck.

  17. It must be a disease that is going around. I bought a Kindle so I could get rid of all the books stacked by the bed and chair and sofa, etc., but now hate to turn it on because of all the books I've bought for it, but still haven't read. I've also loaded all my CD's onto the computer for my Ipod. Why do people keep giving me candles and lotion for b'days and Christmas? More clutter...

  18. I can so relate to this post! I have so much crap I am starting to feel like a hoarder. You have inspired me to start paring down...thank you!


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