Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sailing in the Outback Regatta 2012

Yesterday was such a fun day!  In fact this whole past week has been so relaxing and fun as I have been on vacation.  We finally made the trip to Tybee Island as I have been hoping to do for some time.  We toured the island one day, toured Savannah one day and enjoyed the beach as much as possible.  We only spent 3 nights which was not nearly enough but wanted to get home so we could  attend a yearly regatta at home with friends.

After motoring over to the host clubhouse for this event and for racing registration details
 we set sail with friends aboard their boat.

Here are a few of our club members that we went sailing with.

The two men in the middle of the photo here are our captains.  They co-own this boat together with their wives.  It's always a fun time to go out with them too.

This is my husband sitting here keeping an eye out before the race begins.

Several other boats already out and getting ready for the race.

Speaking of being ready!  There were only 8 of us on the boat and here is a picture of all the coolers we had on board.  My husband and I also had an additional rolling one filled with food.  We  were all amazed at how of all the coolers we brought no two were alike.  Too funny!

Before a race begins all boats have to jockey around each other waiting for the signal to start.  

We jokingly called this boat the cheater boat because it had two sails.

Sometimes you cannot help but get very close to other boats while you are sailing around in such a small area waiting to get started.  You can be penalized or disqualified for crossing the line too soon.

Here's a few of our other club members waiting to start.

Finally the horn is blown and the countdown to start begins.

And we are on our way to a very promising afternoon of sailing.

The weather looked great and we sailed wonderfully for quite sometimes towards our mark which was quite far down the lake.  After an hours worth of beautiful sailing the winds died off and we were sitting around for quite some time.

Here we are sitting in very still waters.  Our friends who were in a different class came by and took this photo of us after they had already crossed the mark at the finish line.  That's me there in the middle of the boat beside my husband who is standing up in the white shirt with the sunglasses.

They were teasing us because they were able to finish before the winds died out and because here we were sitting so close to the finish but unable to move much at all without any wind.  

After sitting here for about another hour or so the race committee decided to call the race as happens in poor weather.  Just look how flat the water is.  Ughh!  As it turned out we actually got 2nd place in our class because we were so close and The Dragon Fly came home with a trophy to boot!  Hoo! Hoo!

After the sail we all went back home and showered and returned to the host club for dinner from Outback steak house and the rewards cermony and dancing.  It was quite a bit of fun as always but unfortunately I did not take any more photos during the evening.  
So that's part of how I spent my vacay.  
I may be back again to share a little of my trip with you soon as well.
Hope your having a great weekend too!

Thanks so much for stopping by be sure and let me know if you do!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Mary!Congratulations on getting 2nd place. Love the photo of the glassy sea. I don't think I've ever been out on a boat where the water was like that.

  2. I love sailing, and this really looks like fun!



  3. Looks like so much fun except for sitting in still waters:) Glad you enjoyed your vacation and can't wait to see pictures of that!

  4. You were in my neck of the woods! I hope you had a wonderful time in Savannah as well as at the regatta. It all looks like wonderful fun to me!

    As for sitting there near the finish line waiting for a whiff of wind, they say around here, "aint it the way?" It seems like that is too often the story of my life. Ha!

    Glad the Dragon Fly came home with a trophy for all her patience!

  5. How fun and congratulations on that trophy! What a wonderful way to be able to spend a day...on the water with friends and good food...can't beat that!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my post tonight,



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