Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's let's Dish!

Hey Yall!  I'm officially back from my bloggy break and ready to dish it all out.  
I've set the table for you so come on in and let's have a little chat shall we.

I'll sit here because it's set for me.

Yes friends, it's wine-thirty!   If you care to indulge, I hope your all comfy because this may take a bit of reading on your part. 

 I have been on a blog break for many reasons.  One thing that made me take a break AGAIN was just plain old despair.  This isn't the first time I have felt this way.  I was looking at far too many popular and creative blogs and feeling like I had nothing to share that hasn't already been done or said before.   Because let's face it ladies, a lot of what you and I are sharing, someone is also doing much the same, only a different version of it.  Yep, I said it.

 The difference is that some bloggers get a lot more attention from it then others.  Some are wittier, some are more creative and some work harder at growing their blogs then others.  Hooray for them, and I sincerely mean that! The problem for me was, I did't fall into the above description.
And you know what they say about birds of a feather. 

 I had sincerely been feeling left out of the flock.

 I happen to fall into the NOT working so hard at growing my blog category.  The fact is I just don't have the time to devote to it that others do because I am BUSY woman.  Yep, I said it again!

 My plate is very full, not just with all the extra dishes!  

  I work full time outside of the home.  I have also taken on a new position in management and find myself even more hurried then ever.  I'm sure some of you can relate right?   Let me be clear, I am NOT implying that those of you who have popular blogs are not busy.  You obviously are and you are also working hard at growing your blog.  You have made it a higher priority then I do. That's fantastic.

But, let's be real and true here.  Not all of us want to devote so much time to blogging and that should be okay too.  Because, really it is!  If you blog, one of the best things you can ever do is come to terms with why you are blogging.  This can take time for some of us but, I do believe I have finally arrived!

  I read not so long ago about how you should never mention how busy you are because you might imply you are too busy for your readers.  Well ladies, I am sorry to say this but there are many times when I am and you are... just too busy!  This is life.  But, I don't feel like I should have to pretend I am not when in fact I am.  I have always felt it best to be completely honest with my readers and have always done so.  I am busy, but the fact that I am taking the time to blog should be enough to show you that I am not to busy to communicate and share with you as well.

I am not changing my blogging style which is very personal to who I am just to portray something online.   This brings me to the real meat of why I took a break.  Blogging is such a mixed bag of expectations, isn't it? 

 I recently read another post about what turns you off about other blogs.  While posts like this can be a very helpful tool for some, it was quite helpful to me except in a very different way.  Because, all I can say about all the hundreds of comments was...Wow!  Honestly ladies, who could ever meet up to all of the expectations that I read on there.  OMG!

  I certainly have committed several of those hundreds of comments and dislikes at one time or another.  OH Well!

Here's a few I know I've done...
1.Yep, I've always centered the wording on my blog...apparently this drives others nuts.
2. I'm usually way to wordy...because who has time to read!
3. I post too many pics of the same thing at several different angles....Guilty!
4.  I've used poor grammar many times I'm sure from rushing to post..though I do use spell check. 
5. I use waaay too many explanation points and cutesy language.  Guilty! Guilty!
6. I am not always sharing something new, original or exciting enough. Blah, blah,blah!
7. I sometimes share info about my family.
8. I've had music on my blog...this scares too many people.  Ooops!
9. I've not taken the time to always email people back who comment on my blog.
And No.10 (the biggest pet peeve out there)

10. I've whined and complained and not always come across as perfectly cheery and happy.

Well, at least I've never had those annoying pop up ads on my blog that get in the way of your reading.  Haha!  But....I totally get why some of you do and I don't get my panties in a wad about it.  Life is just to short to get in such a snit about these things.  Really Yall!

It's just a blog!  I am not going to change who I am because I like who I am.  I seriously do not understand how anyone could ever meet up to all the expectations of many who commented about their pet peeves.  And, that's just it.  If you spend your time trying to fit into a mold in the blog world you may not be quite so happy.  In fact, you run the risk of loosing all your inspiration as I did.  Who says we all have to blog for the same reasons or follow the same rules?   I blog because I enjoy it and that's why I keep coming back even after so many struggles with not feeling good enough.  I am done with trying to fit into a blog mold.  I'm done trying to adhere to all the preferred blog rules and even some of the so called blog rules of etiquette.  I have my own set of God given rules and they have served me well most of my adult life.

I will whine at times because my life is full of ups and downs.  I feel like I am all the richer for it too.  I will cheer at times (hopefully a lot more now) because I have family and friends and thoughts that are awesome and worth shouting out about even if the majority doesn't agree. 

Thanks so much for sitting a spell at my table today.  If you've actually read this, I hope you'll be back and visit with me some more if you like.   I am so ready to move into my random blogging mode. I don't fit into a category, I blog all over the map, and I'm good with that.  I expect most of my upcoming posts to be very short due to time restraints.  I'm not going to let that stop me anymore though.  Blurb or blab, it's still my blog.

Well, I gotta run now I am already behind schedule for taking a shower and getting ready for the day.  I've got the day off and there is a new Home Goods grand opening today across town.  Guess where I am headed?  

I've joined the following parties today to share my story.  If this were a real party with many ladies all gathered together this type of a discussion might just go on right?  I think so and I happen to think there's room for all of us at the table.
So come on and join us at;

Have a good one!