Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hoo! Hoo! Who are my night owl friends?

Anyone else out there having difficulty sleeping through the night?  I sure have been!  In fact, I am having quite a hard time staying asleep all night long.  I wake up wide awake with my mind racing often around 1:30 or 3:00 am and then just can't get back to sleep.  Very frustrating!

Today I am especially exhausted because I woke up at 1:30am last night and could not get back to sleep to save my life. Then, I had to be at work for a 6:00am truck. Ugh!  I am guessing this has to do a lot with getting older but I am so tired of being restless.    I am not enjoying being a night owl nearly as much as am I enjoying this one.

Isn't this litte fella just the cutest thang!  I found him last week on my day off when I went across town to check out the new Home Goods. Only,  I actually found him at Ross.  Bargain!

I couldn't wait to place him on the washstand outside my front door.

The welcome sign was one of the other items I purchased from Home Goods.

Just look at those googly eyes!  They make me smile!

I've had this arrangement for a few years now and really enjoy that it is holding up so well.  If your thinking you have seen my red metal pitcher before, you have.  In addition to using it outside I also used it for a tablescape for the 4th of July.  You can check that out  here.

I pulled out my fall wreath now too.  It's the one I did a redo on last year.  You can see that post here.

We have even been getting cooler temps now over the last few days too.  Hoo!  Hoo!

  I'm still getting out the fall decor yall.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

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  1. NanaDiana has left a new comment on your post "Hoo! Hoo! Who are my night owl friends?":

    I have times like that, off and on, where I wake up and can't get back to sleep- Miserable!
    Love your cute owl..oh to have life that easy, huh? Have a good night and I hope you get some sleep- xo Diana

    Sorry Diana accidently deleted your comment so i am resposting it (copy/paste) from my email. I don't know how to retrieve Ooops! Didn't want you to think I purposely wiped it out or didn't get it. Appreciate it!

  2. Sleep seems to be in spurts for me too these days, hoping it passes soon. Your new owl is adorable-very smile worthy:@)

  3. Enjoyed your vignette, makes your porch very welcoming.........your owl is very cute and perfect for that spot. I have a wheelbarrow full of snowmen that make me smile everytime I see it, course, that is only at Christmas time, but they just have that
    affect on me, and I love it.

    Enjoy Fall!
    blessings, Nellie

  4. Your fall vignette is so friendly and welcoming. The owl is adorable and I have fondness for pitchers, especially metal ones.

    I too suffer from sleep problems. I don't sleep well at night and then I am exhausted during the day.

  5. I stay up way way too late! I just start looking at the computer and next thing I know, it is 1:30! I love your owl! He looks perfect on your porch. It was 95 degrees here today. Everyone thought they were dying! Felt like the beach with a strong wind to me! It is only going to be 68 tomorrow! Brrrrrr!!!! I found my fall tubs so I am going to get started!

  6. Your front porch looks great, Mary, so warm and welcoming. Love the owl!...Christine

  7. Your owl is a cutie! Oh sleep....where art thou!! Isn't it the pits? I actually slept 4 hours last night. Went to bed late, woke up at 5 AM tried to stay in bed, but gave up and got up before 6! Sheesh!!!!! So tired of this! Have a wonderful day and we'll hope for sleep tonight. :)


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