Thursday, August 23, 2012

Southern Mediterranean Dining

Hey Bloggers!  I am taking a break from my break!  :)  LOL!

You see, I have to because I've got something to show you and I need a little help with a decorating decision as well.  Things have been quite hectic around here lately in more ways then you can imagine.  So... I will do my best to keep this post from being "all over the Map" but it's going to be hard.

First off, if you have children you know it's back to school time and that always means scrambling around to get things done in short order.  This year was no different, except that we sent our youngest son off to college.  He is going to be local at USC, that's the University of South Carolina, not California yall!  Woohoo!  Go Cocks!!!  Anywho, he moved into the dorms last weekend and starts his first day today. I am so proud and happy for him that I just had to include this update in here too.

Here's my precious college boy the night before he moved out.  Looking pretty happy huh?   I will update you with dorm pics another time.

With such a quite house around here in the evenings I am already finding myself dreaming of beautiful dinners for two in romantic and exotic places.  Oouu La La!  Except, with a schedule and budget that doesn't allow for much travel right now I've decided to try and create one of my own.

Welcome to the Mediterranean South Yall!

This setting may not be anywhere near the beautiful shores of Greece, my ultimate getaway island, but it's a great way to spend an evening at home don't you think?

I first fell in love with these dishes a few weeks ago at a resale/antique store.   I really wanted them, but they were selling them only as a huge set for $125.00.  Seriously?  I only wanted a few and something told me I could find them for much less.  Imagine my shock when the just a few days later I did find them for much less and sold individually at TJMaxx.  I was only going to buy four of one size but decided to go for it and get four plates and four salads.  You will see more on that and why in just a bit.

These beautiful iridescent oyster plates are clear and made of glass.  I found them early this summer at Marshall's.  They were sold as a set of four.  Instant love!  I have been wanting to use them all summer and have even purchased other dishes to use with but haven't gotten to creating that setting yet.  

My newest flatware is from Gibson purchased at work, Stein Mart.  The hammered look reminds me so much of bubbles and the water.

Speaking of bubbles, I thought my beautiful handblown purple goblets from Mexico that I got from Novica were the perfect touch for this setting.  So sorry for the crooked picture here, my photo skills seem to be lacking tremendously lately.

And to top it all off, I brought out the blue bubble glass napkin rings again.  They look really cute paired with some of my newest summer napkins also purchased from Stein Mart.

I threw in a few shells to capture that island feel I am craving!

And you should know I had to have my sailboats in here too!  Can you imagine going on one of those Mediterranean charter sails?  OMG! One day I pray!

My poor little crepe myrtle blooms are so beaten down by all the rains we've had lately.  The good news is I am off today and it looks like the sun is coming back out!

So what do you think?  Does it look vacationey enough for ya?  Hehee!
I think it will work just fine!  Now I have a secret to tell ya about these plates though.  They are going to be very short lived as far as dining with them goes.

 Because I have other plans for them that's why!  

You see my bloggy friends, I did not just buy these dishes to eat off of....oh no!  I bought them specifically to use as wall decor.  And that my dear friends, is where I need your help.

I want to add them on the wall here on each side of my picture in the den.

Since I cannot figure out exactly which way I like them best.  I decided to make a few imitation plates to see how they look on the wall before putting in the nails.

Option no.1 has one of the larger plates in the middle with two smaller plates above and below.

Here's a few more further off glances to help you decide.

And this is option no.2.  I would only use the smaller salad plates and place two on each side.

So which layout do you like best or do you have another suggestion.  One set up seems very bold to me and would make quite a large statement.  The other seems more subtle.  I am just not sure how much I want of a statement I want because I certainly do not want to detract from the picture.  What would you do?  I would love to know!

Here's a final look at the two options.  Pretty cool! 
I love Picasa!

I am joining the following parties today.  

I hope I hear from you soon.  Have a great day everyone!