Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Kitchen Vignette

Hey Friends! I know I don't need to tell you that nothing feels as great as rearranging things in the house to come up with a new look.  Recently, I decided I wanted to change things up a bit in one of my favorite spots and after one thing led to another I ended up with a new look in the kitchen too.

Here's the new look!  I moved the bakers rack from where it was outside on the screened porch to inside in the kitchen.  I just love it!  I can't believe I have not put this in here until now.  I guess since I bought it just to go outside that's where it's been, that' is until now.

Here is the desk I used to have in here in the same spot.  It's still in the kitchen, just over by the coat rack now. 

I am really lovin the way this looks and fills the space so much better.  Especially since I have a space to decorate and display some of my collectibles now without having to install shelves.

Speaking of shelves, let's see how I loaded them up.

I just couldn't resist bringing out the few roosters that I have along with a few new and older items.

I bought these fantastic woven wired basket trays as a set of three at one of our local antique thrift stores.  I think the contrast between them and the silver I inherited from my in-laws is just wonderful.  I love mixing things up!

I think the last item to go in this vignette was the crowning touch!  After searching around the house for something to complete the look of this shelf. I was just a tad near giggly at how well my new tea towels from our very own blogger friend Debbiedoo's fit right in.  The stenciled wording look on these totally made it, don't cha think?  I sure do!

  I am so glad I commented about wanting to buy some of these from her.  She really has quite a skilled hand at stenciling.  She is considering doing more stenciling to sell, so if you like them hop on over to her blog and ask about more.  I'm sure she would love to help ya out cause she's like that ya know!  Thank you...thank you...thank you Debbie!

On my next shelf I have a wooden garden box I bought on clearance from Michael's.  It has four divided compartments perfect for and keeping a place setting of flatware and napkins handy.  And right next to it is a stack of dishes.  Four dinner plates and four desserts of course! 

And on the very top is my favorite Roo of all.  I think he loves sitting up top.  Don't they all!

I still haven't spruced up my old season block like I thought I would, but honestly it's starting to grow on me now just as it is.  

Down on the bottom is this wonderful crate I got from my old job at the gift shop.  I had been using this thing as a bread box but decided it will make a better storage box here.

It really was very large for a bread box on the counter and bet I can store a good amount of table linens in here instead.  Hopefully!  I didn't put the old wine bottles back on here just yet and now I am thinking I might be able to store some of my goblets on those racks instead.  What do you think?  Maybe?

Okay, so that's my new look!  How do you like it?  
Do you want to see why I moved this off the screen porch?  

Well, to make room for the hammock on the porch again.  I can't believe it's been well over a year since I've had my hammock on the porch.  It takes up a lot of space but it's so enjoyable especially in the spring and fall.  I'm not quite ready for Fall just yet, but a few cooler evenings relaxing on the porch sure would be nice.

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