Monday, May 21, 2012

Poolside Adventures

Whoever said; "Necessity is the mother of invention", couldn't have spoken truer words then these.

I finally was able to enjoy a beautiful weekend off with beautiful weather to boot.  We sailed on Saturday, just boated around on Sunday and lounged around our new pool off and on all weekend.

The weather was great and so enjoyable.  

With a tropical storm lingering off the coast of Charleston we were experiencing quite a bit of wind gusts on Saturday even here in the middle of the state.  I brought out my newest pool side purchase rather quickly after struggling with the towel a few times.

Aren't they cute?  They are called Boca clips.  They come in an assortment of designs too.

I purchased these as a set of two for only $5.00 from the big W.  So worth it ladies!  Who ever invented this simple little convenience is my hero!

Then after burning my arms a few times on the HOT metal arm rails I decided to invent a little more convenience of my own.

I pulled out my never ending roll of tulle because I think it's pretty water proof.

And then retrieved two of these microfiber dishtowels that I cannot stand to use anywhere because they feel horrible on my fingertips and everything clings to them.  LOL!  They are sold at the dollar tree and I've seen them in several different bright colors which would be neat.  I used these because I had them on hand and they were the perfect size, bigger then a wash cloth and super absorbent.

Okay, so maybe not the cutest thing ever but not bad and I was loving it. No more burned arms!

Speaking of necessity's, here is another makeshift option that I am well pleased with.  Remember my little tomato plants.  Well I needed a trellis for them to grow on but did not want to use the standard round ones because I wanted something more decorative.  Since I already had this I stuck it in a big pot and planted the tomatoes around the outside.

Look how well they are growing!  It won't be long now!

Thanks for stopping by for a few outdoor tips poolside.

I am joining BNOTP for
to share a few of my own discoveries.

Have a great day!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend Mary! Your pool looks wonderful. Great idea with the microfiber towels on the metal arms. So much better than burning your arms. Your tomato trellis looks very pretty and so much better than the cages.

  2. Oh Mary you must be loving life by poolside. Looks fabulous!

  3. Oh I love Boca Clips! Mine are Flamingos!!

    1. Linda I saw a picture of the flamingos on the package but they didn't have any of those. The only other "one", there were only two packages left at out Walmart was dolphins. If I see flamingos I will buy those too. I love these things!

  4. Aren't you clever! I love the arm rests! Those clips are adorable. I have seen some like that used on a picnic table to hold the tablecloth down! So cute. I am so jealous of your pool. It has been really nice since we have been here except for yesterday so I can't complain!

  5. Hi Mary! Your pool looks so pretty and refreshing, we won't open ours until after we get home from Cabo which will be around June 2nd. Finally got the back porch situated:)

  6. Your pool area and yard really turned out beautiful Mary! What a lovely place to relax and have fun! The little clips are cute too:@)

  7. Love your pool area, Mary! I never heard of those clips, but what a great idea. I will have to look for some of those. I always hated when my towel would flip in the breeze.

  8. Ahhhh, so relaxing, especially with the background music! What a beautiful oasis. Enjoy! xo ~Liz


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