Sunday, May 13, 2012

How was your Mother's Day?

Mine was wonderful and I hope yours was too!  Part of my day was spent exactly as I anticipated...eating lunch with my Mom, my brothers and my husband and one of my sons.

Can you figure out where we went? 

(Oh No, she did..ant y'all!  That crazy Decorative Dreamer did not just posted her leftovers online, did she?  OMG!)

Admit it you are drooling now aren't you?  You have to admit the spaghetti w/meatballs, bread sticks and salad is pretty darn good at the Olive Garden.

Before lunch I received two very thoughtful gifts from my husband and children.

The Mr. gave me the Mac Daddy of camera cases.  It is a travel back pack.  It's so cool.  It has a space for everything for your camera including an insulated pouch for your laptop too.

It also came with a smaller day holster that I have been really wanting.  I think I will be blogging on vacation now!  Woohoo!

Here's a glimpse at what my kids gave me.  No, unfortunately it wasn't a nice afternoon together in the pool.  Though I am really looking forward to that if I should ever get a day off that it is not raining.  

There's my gift!  It's the big pink float sitting on top of the lounge chair.  My husband bought the green one a few weeks ago for himself so my son decided to get me one too!  Sweet!!!

Seriously, I cannot wait to get into our pool!  Someone asked me how my grass was so green on here recently, well y'all this is how.  Can you see how overcast it is in this picture?  
Yep, it's because we have been getting so many rainy days.  I am very thankful for the rain and will especially love it if it gets as hot as it did last summer.   Although, I am kinda hoping for a few more sunnier days here soon.  

Since we couldn't enjoy our time outside, my Mr. completed a few honey do's for me.  I finally got the outdoor chandy moved over to the opposite side of the screened porch.

Now it hangs directly over the table again after moving the table over here.  It's the small things!

Another little honey do that is done on his part was attaching my two shutters together.  Do you remember I posted about these last year after I painted them?  Well after wrestling with the idea of how to hang them on each side of the window with out adding more nail holes in my vinyl and that not working out I had given up on them.  They basically have sat on my porch  all year standing up and acting as a very unstable plant stand.  I recently got to looking at them and decided why not just reattach them together and hang them on one side as one big wall hanging, so we did.

I've temporarily hung an old sailing plaque on them that I have.   I really ought to take it down to hang aboard the sailboat.  But for now it's staying until I can find the right inspiration of what I want to go on top of the shutters.  You know something like a wreath maybe, or flowers, flower pots, shells, iron pieces, letters, etc.  Oh my head is swimming with ideas on what to add to this!

It's tough being a Decorative Dreamer ya know!

I am joining The Tablescaper today for
  She is celebrating her 100th Seasonal Sunday too. What a great time to share the joys of the season!

I hope each of you had a lovely day and enjoyed your Mother's day as much as I did!
Thanks so much for stopping by friends!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Mary. You know maybe it was supposed to rain today so you could get all those little HoneyDo things accomplished. Love your pink float AND your pool. God bless- xo Diana

  2. It rained all day here too Mary, supposed to keep up until Wednesday, not a great day weather wise for a cook out but we all made the best of it! We haven't opened our pool yet, we usually do for Memorial Day but since we will be in Cabo will do it after we get home:) Love you camera case, so neat and your spaghetti which I happen to love!!! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

  3. So glad you had a nice Mother's Day, Mary. I love your festive pink float and the wonderful camera case. (I'd also know to own your camera, but I shall not covet it.) I got a gift card to get some clothes for an upcoming adventure and a new cell phone with a keyboard for better texting. (Well, for texting period. I hadn't been texting, and my daughters want me to.)

    I love the way you used those shutters. There are some exactly like that at our ReStore. If they are still there the next time I go, I want to get some and copy cat you so I pinned the inspiration.

  4. What a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! I love your pool (oh yes, and your pool floats - but really what would they be without your wonderful pool!!!) That is a fabulous camera bag. I definitely need a bigger better one. Your chandy looks great and I love the shutters. I had some huge ones outside that we had removed from the house but I had seen them as background for photos - well they didn't like the weather even though they were under the porch and then the wind knocked them down - alas they are no more! Your blue color is fabulous. Definitely you are having fun as the Decorative Dreamer!

  5. Happy Mother's Day!!!! I know you had a great one and I am so jealous of your backpack! That is super awesome! I had a great day. I am finally in MN and it was just so nice to be with Tom and have all of us together again. So glad your day was super!

  6. What a fabulous mom's day!

    What time should I be over for the pool party?! Would your hubs mind if I used his green inflatable pool chair?!

    Your yard and porch are amazing! Love the chandelier and your fun blue shutters.

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    Iam so sorry I miss your Mothers Day. I also love the way you used those shutters. I have some in my garage"" I need to copy cat the ones you have great Idea for the wall on my patio!! Can you tell me the color you used ?? You gave me the Inspiration to do this. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Nautical Tablescape. I see I do follow your Google and Linky already. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

    1. Hi Diane! Feel free to copy cat away! I would love to see what you put on yours and may end up copy catting you back. LOL! The color I used was called "Lagoon". It is a spray paint by Rustoleum, I used a satin too. Good luck with your project! Have a great day too!


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