Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pictures disappearing from my Posts

Has anyone else noticed pictures disappearing from older posts?  I am so upset!  How did this happen?  More importantly does anyone know what I can do to fix this so it doesn't happen again?

I have an entire post that is missing it's pictures.
Here's the link;

I would appreciate any advice any of you may have.
Thank you!


  1. Oh-I don't know. Were you using Picnick and now that it is gone so are the pictures that were stored there? I'm sorry I can't help~ xo Diana

  2. Okay- I just went and checked your link and there are 4 pictures that are showing up on there.

  3. Mary, that happened to me and it had to do with the picture storage in PIcasa. I don't remember the details, but let me rack my brain!!

  4. Now I'm paranoid that mine are gone too. I feel the need to check random posts. I'll be mighty unhappy if that's the case.

    I tell ya, Mary, it is ALWAYS one thing or another around here.

  5. Did you ever figure it out?

    1. No I have not. The only way I knew they dissappeared was by seeing that they had been downloaded by someone after seeing that information on my stat counter that I use to track my blog activity. I saw the pic had been downloaded but it came up blank so I went to my page and saw it was gone. I don't think it dissappearing had to do with this particular person downloading it though but am not 100% sure on that. I think it may have been something with Picasa as Kathleen suggested. I think that because I was having trouble adding photos a little while ago with Picasa and had been getting a message error suggesting I needed more space. I was using Google chrome. I decided at that point to convert my browser from Google chrome to Google plus so I could continue adding pictures without having to purchase an upgrade. It fixed my picture problem right away so maybe this had something to do with the dissappearing pics too. So very complicated and way over my head! I guess some of my pics might just be out there floating around in cyberspace. I don't know kinda strange huh? Atleast it was just a tablescape. LOL! Hope I didn't confuse you more but that's the best I can come up with so far. I wouldn't worry about yours dissappearing but I guess it can happen.

    2. Oopss! Sorry katherine! I meant to say Katherine not Kathleen! :))


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