Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Honor of Earth Day

Hey Ladies!  I made it!  I made it! I made it!  Yay!  Not only did I make it on time to Kathleen's Earth Day Tablescape challenge, but I literally "made" a few things too specifically for this challenge.  Woo hoo...hoo!  

Sorry about all that, but I just love when a plan comes together!  When I first heard of the tablescape challenge being Earth day my mind started racing.  I was thinking of all the possibilities that one could do but I could not get away from a few elements that I already owned that I wanted to use.  I just needed a new way to present them.  So for was game on!  I love a challenge that spurs creativity! 

This post is going to be very photo heavy so I will try to keep the chit chat to a minimum.  Haha! Yall know how hard that is for me!  When I first thought of what I was going to use I wanted to do this scape outside on the patio by the pool.  Unfortunately, the rains came last night and today and there are threats of thunderstorms so I decided to play it safe and keep it inside.  Keeping it inside may have been a blessing in disguise though, as it challenged me yet again to change up a few things.  Regardless, I am loving this tablescape and I really hope you will enjoy it too!

It's so simple, but loaded with things that really do represent Earth day.

This is one of the first ELEMENTS I thought of that I wanted to use.

I had intended to use these three server dishes outside on the umbrella table so that they would surround the pole.  This four piece set which includes another serving piece that goes in the middle is a very old CERAMIC set that I purchased at a RESALE store last year.

I thought it would be adorable to use with ROCKS and added the tea lights for ambiance.  Since I had not intended to use the middle piece of this set, I now needed to come up with a centerpiece.

Insert my latest GARDEN purchase.  It just so happens, I had made a trip before Easter to a local GREENHOUSE to buy some plants.  There sat my CHERRY TOMATOES still waiting to be planted.  I plan to grown them in a pot on the deck but have yet to get a new big pot for them.

I love cherry tomatoes, don't you?

So, I decided to stick the whole carton down into one of my old pots, add a little moss and waalahh, instant centerpiece...and they smell so good too!

This is an old Terracotta pot that I've had for quite some time.  As you can see, I painted it myself.  It was one of a set of two that I made.

I love how over the years the paint has started to chip away and think it gives it even more character now.

The next ELEMENT I knew I would use would be these dishes.  

I'm sure you remember because I've recently used them but decided to show you the back so you could see they are made of TERRA COTTA.  Did you know the latin words for terra cotta are BAKED EARTH?

 Another ELEMENT I knew I wanted to use was my salad plates that are made out of RECYCLED plastic.  Pretty cool huh?

Then, I knew I had to use my BAMBOO flatware.  Atleast, I'm thinking it's real bamboo.  Haha!

My pretty blue iridescent glasses made it to the table for a few good reasons.  One, that are a glorious blue that represents water and are made of being made from SAND.
But one of the other reasons I love is that I bought them from a yardsale, and that represents RECYCLING and RESTORING right?

Speaking or Recycling, how do you like the napkins I made?  How's that related to RECYCLING you ask?  Well, every time you use a cloth napkin that you wash instead of paper you throw away, you are RECYCLING!  I'll show you how I made these in just a minute. 

I made my place markers out of pop sickle sticks to represent garden markers that anyone could make.  I have this huge box of popsickle sticks that I bought when the kids were little and it was fun to find another use for them.  All I did was angle two sticks vertically, add a little hot glue and then place the three sticks horizontally across.  So simple!

Can you imagine my surprise when I found this fabric?  I know!!!  When I was thinking of all the ELEMENTS I would use for my EARTH day tablescape I was drawing a blank on the napkins.  After looking around for something that I liked I decided I would just have to sew up some of my own.  I had been thinking of something green maybe with a grass print or something.  Never, did I expect to find this!

I purchased one yard.

Cut them into 18 squares.

Then steam ironed the edges over once and....

...then twice to get a finished edge, rotating the folds clockwise each time.

Then I sewed a straight stitch along the inside edge pivoting around each corner.  It was very simple and something you can do too.  You could probably even do this technique with some of that no sew stuff too that you use with an iron.  Easy peasy!

Making your own napkins allows you the freedom to find napkins that are just perfect for any special occasion, even one like celebrating EARTH DAY.

I hope you enjoyed my table.  I sure had fun putting this one together.    Sorry so wordy, but I'm sure you knew I just had to give you all the details.  Didn't I tell you I love a challenge?

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  1. Very pretty Mary! I really love the polished pebbles in the serving creative.

  2. Mary-That is a beautiful Earth Day post. I love it. The pebbles around the planter is a really cute idea and I love your plates. What a sweet, fun post- Happy Earth Day- xo Diana

  3. Hi Mary,thanks for stopping by. I love the calming sounds of nature, and I love your Earth Day tribute. You used some really great items and covered all the earthly elements. xo

  4. No kidding you love a challenge!!!! put a TON of thought into this!!! All the different elements...the fact that glass is made from sand!!!! THAT'S taking the challenge to a whole other level!!!!!!! Great thinking and fabulous execution! I am still struggling with trying to use my sewing machine. I think if I used it more frequently I wouldn't forget all the steps for threading. That seems to be a huge downfall for me every time. I'm not very good at folding a traight edge, either. That is a lot harder than it looks!!! You did a wonderful job, and it looks just as great indoors as it would have outside! Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Mary, I really did enjoy your table and am so impressed that you even did some sewing to add a nice touch. Love your idea with the centerpiece. So creative with the rocks and candles in the "Lazy Susan"? pices. Fabulous. Have a great weekend.

  6. Fun Earth Day table! Love that you found that fabric and made napkins! I really enjoyed the thought you put into each element! Hugs, Linda

  7. Maybe Alycia and I could come take some sewing lessons from you...LOL. The napkins are the crowning touch for you Earth Day table. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. What a wonderful table! You did such a wonderful job on this. I just would be so comfortable at this table. I love hearing about your thought process. Someone who uses a cherry tomato plant as a centerpiece is so brilliant! I love that idea! Great job!

  9. Hi Mary, Your napkins are the perfect finishing touch for your Earth Day table. In my mind I know it is easy but somehow the idea of getting out the machine and threading it are just too much, so I look for the bargain napkins! Very nice centerpiece and yes, I do love the scent of tomato plants!! I'm using that "real" bamboo flatware this week too for my table! :) Linda

  10. That is an awesome table Mary. I kept waiting for the close up of the place settings. HOW cool are those out of Popsicle sticks. Love it. Your aged over time pot is really cute too. And yes I love cherry tomatoes.

  11. OK. Where did you find the fabulous Earth Day fabric? I LOVE IT. Just the sort of thing that appeals to me.
    I like how you "talk a person through" your tablescape creation.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. The fabric came from Hancock fabrics and was on clearance to boot! Talk about great timing. Hope you can still find some too. Have a great day!

  12. I love how you think, and I love a challenge too. Makes the brain work! And yours worked great! Love the table, and I can't believe that fabric you found, just perfect.
    Great table, thanks for taking the challenge! Love the cow pitcher too!
    Next month's is going to be Mom's Day, using something of your mom's or her fave color or flowers!
    BTW what are those purple flowers in the background?? You need to do a table with them! :)

  13. I love cherry tomatos too Mary! Such a neat table idea, love how you made the napkins they go so well!

  14. Mary, I love that you use all the elements! You always make such a lovely table! That material was meant for you! Perfect!

  15. Wow, you went all out on this one. Perfect fabric for the napkins, and the place name pieces are so clever. Great job!

  16. Great Earth Day table! Love the napkins.


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