Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stuck in LIMBO!

How about you?  Ever feel like your stuck in Limbo?

Yeah?  So, you have too, great, let's have a party!  You know a good old fashioned pity party, yes mam, that's what I"m talking about.  LOL!  Ooops!  I'm just kidding now yall, don't go getting all scared and go clicking away so fast!

I was just wondering if any of you ever feel stuck in limbo this time of year like I do.  I realize this may be a foreign concept for many of you because I have seen some pretty fabulous "completed" projects.  But for me, it's that time of the year where you want to get so many things done but just can't quite seem to burst forth yet. 

Like these precious buds on my Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.  They have rapidly advanced with this warmer weather and rain ready to burst forth but then we dropped down to 30 last night.  Poor things do not look too happy this morning!

 I am most concerned with my newest babies, these miniature gardenias that I planted last fall between the deck and the retaining wall.  They appear to be very healthy but a few have buds almost ready to open while a few barely have any buds at all.  This crazy weather has them so confused!

This area is one that is just plain stuck in limbo all together.  We still have not put up the lattice under the deck and I have not added any additional plants yet either.  Oh, but I have ideas!  It seems everytime I get some time off to do a little work here the weather does not want to cooperate.  

On a brighter note though, I have several survivors of neglect.  Once again, I failed to get my Kimberly Queens inside for the winter but it appears they are going to be okay.  They certainly will need a little deadheading but I think they are going to make quite a come back.  If you are considering purchasing any ferns this year, I can't recommend this type enough.  They are so tough!  They withstand the heat beautifully and I've been able to over winter them often.

Here are a few other plants that seem to be making a comeback.  I think that's a dahlia plant on the right there.  Hmm???  I hope so!  Those plants on the left are mums.  They had about completely died out and now seem to be coming back.  What's up with that?

My biggest stuck in limbo belly ache is the back porch!  I am so eager to get out here and tidy up but just can't seem to find the right time with the right weather to get things done.  Youngest son finally gave up the other old wicker chair which was sitting in his room collecting dust, unopened school books, clothes and all sorts of other allergens.  LOL!  I have the paint and just cannot wait to transform this chair from black to turquoise blue too.

Now if you ladies will indulge me one more whine please?   I just have to share this with you.  You are not going to believe this!   Last Friday, 3/2/12, we got in a new shipment of indoor/outdoor pillows at work that had seat cushions and matching throw pillows.  There was one pattern that I thought would be perfect for my porch.  I was so excited by these colors yall!  They were there on Saturday when I worked and only a few people were looking through the pillows, probably because we had cooler temps again and very stormy windy weather this weekend.  But.... I was off on Sunday and wouldn't you know the very ones I liked were gone by the time we opened yesterday morning.  Why, oh why didn't I just go ahead and get them?  I am so mad at myself!  I think I may just have to call the other stores today to see if they still have them.  We just got them in for crying out loud!  

That's what happens when you are stuck in limbo ladies!

Finally, take a look at my outdoor bakers rack.  It's stuck in limbo too, quite a disaster zone actually.  Currently, it is a great catch all for all things I want to make their way outside. 

 No worries here though!  I do actually have a wonderful plan for this area.  I've even completed the project that is going here.  Where is it?  It's inside the house because I do not want my display to be covered in pollen as this entire porch is likely to be very soon.  I will be sharing it with you soon though for another linky party.

So....here I am waiting and waiting, learning a few lessons on waiting, but still waiting none the less.
How about you?  Are there with me, stuck in limbo?

I'd love to hear from you if you are!   Here's you chance to whine a little, shake your head a little, smile and realize that this too shall pass.
Come on, let's hear from ya!


  1. Cheer up my dear...just a few more weeks and everything will be greening up. Then you'll be very busy around your home. We're in Savannah for a few days and the Azaleas are blooming and the trees are turning green. It's amazing how Spring can change your attitude!

  2. Oh- I sometimes feel that I live IN Limbo! It just drives me crazy when I have so many ideas and no time to do any of them! It is still so cold here that I can't do anything outside. So, even though the mind is willing the weather gods are not! We can't plant a thing outside here until after Memorial Day because of danger of frost.

    I hope you have a good day and I can't wait to see you get some of your projects finished. I'm rooting for you! xo Diana

  3. My whole life is in limbo right now. I feel your pain. I had so many ideas I wanted to do on the house this year and now we are moving. I am so sad to leave Charleston. I absolutely love the city, the weather and the beach. I am just heartbroken but trying to suck it up. I am tired of sucking it up though and just want to cry. We leave in April to find a home in Minnesota. I am not even really excited about it. How sad is that? I am chipper about it to Jemma though. I want to be as positive about this as I can for her, but poor Tom hears about my sadness. I am now trying to suck it up for him too, but then I just have to be sad by myself so thank you for letting me vent!!!

    Pollen is already out here and the back porch is yellow. I WON"T miss that!!! Or the palmetto bugs!

    1. Kathryn, feel free to whine to me all you want sweet lady! You have real issues to vent about, mine is just aggravation! LOL! You are such a trooper and so wise to keep a brave face for Jemma and now for the Mr too. I know this is a scary time but I also know you will make the best of it too. Sometimes ya just gotta get all the whine out of your system before you can move on so you don't become bitter. I don't trust people who are completely happy all the time, haha! God gave us all emotions and promised to be there in the valleys and on the mountains. I know you are so very thankful for all that you have as I am so that's why I can cleary tolerate your whining, because I know you will be shining again very soon. I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. I know what you mean about the confusing weather, Mary. We had a 30 degree weather 3 niths ago abd the next day was 68 and 68 again yesterday and today, low 70's Our azaleas are already in full bloom....Christine

  5. My friend told me that she used to think that I was the worst procrastinator on Earth...until she realized that what looked liked procrastination on the outside was really me making plans and organizing in my head. She said that it took me longer to get started than anyone she knew, but when I did get started, I completed projects faster and more accurately than anyone she knew. That said, I don't think that you're stuck in limbo...I think that you're just doing the brain work! We must be a lot alike. I equate it to the home remodel that spends a fortune on the plumbing and wiring....so important, but you can't "see" it in the finished product. Cherry Kay

  6. Limbo!! Limbo!!!

    I have so many good intentions around here that I'm going nuts with it. I don't even have FULL ideas. I just have half ideas. On top of that, I have a half pocketbook to spread among them all. If I could just LIGHT on something and bring it to fruition, I know it would jump start me. I even told my mom and sister that I wanted to change my whole list for February because I really don't want to do anything that I put on it.


    Maybe you really could host a party. Maybe you could host a party scheduled for the end of the month for us to feature just ONE THING we brought to completion.


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