Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Bunny wants to Dish!

Whew!  What a morning!  I still had quite a time uploading photos in Picasa.  I think I may have finally fixed my problem, but more on that later.  I intended to publish this post earlier today.  Unfortunately I ran out of time to post before work due to all the time I spent trying to fix the darn picture uploader problem.  Mercy me!  The things we have to learn just to keep on blogging!  Are you with me?  

Okay, enough dishing about all that.  It's time for some much more interesting dishing here.  I was so excited to learn that one of our sweet blogging friends, Cuisine Kathleen, has created a linky party to share our fabulous dishes and tablescapes.  She always finds the cutest dinnerware and this party will allow us to also dish about all of our fantastic buys as well as sharing our settings too.  Sure sounds fun doesn't it?

So in honor of her first party, I jumped on the ball (more like the last minute) and gathered up some of my newest finds, combined with a few my besties to create this tablescape to celebrate the occassion.

And here it is!

Here's some bunny who wants to tell you all about a few things on the table.

The yellow checked dishes are my newest additions to my collection of plates.  The little bunny is one that I bought for my sons Easter baskets when they were younger.  I used to add a decorative bunny keepsake to their baskets.  This was how our Easter decor grew each year.

My green dinner plates are actually terracotta plates I purchased from a grocery store years ago with one of those promotional deals they used to run.  I think it may have been Piggly Wiggly but I'm not postive.

I then decided to use my grandmother Nana's china that I inherited quite some ago.

And finally I was ready to stack on my new yellow checked dessert plates.  So cute!  I found these just recently at the same resale/antique store that I purchased the seasonal block from that I should you in my previous post.  They were only $6.00 for a set of four with an additional 30% off of that.  What a deal!  The only identification stamped on the bottom is "Made in Portugal".  Sorry, nothing else!

When I first saw these yellow checked plates I was thinking how cute they would look with my white dishes.  Then when I started playing with this setting I realized how much I wanted to use them with my grandmothers china instead.  I love how the green and florals contrast with the yellow and how the yellow checked plates brings out the yellow flowers on Nana's china.

  The light pink napkins were inherited from my inlaws.  The yellow pearl napkin rings were a bargain purchase from the Lenox outlet.

My iridescent blue goblets were a yard sale purchase a few summers ago.  I think they were only $5.00 for the set of four.  I know they were quite a deal and have been some of my most favorite glasses eva since!  You will most likely see these goblets quite a bit this summer.

I have used my wedding flatware shown here.  It is by Oneida and called Louisiana.

The candlesticks were a fantastic resale store purchase.  I cannot remember what I paid but do know it was very little and then found out later they are actually from the Southern Living Home collection.  Oouu lala!

Here are two more Easter basket bunnies.  I remember when I bought these I thought they looked like dough.  I still do!

The white porcelain bunny beside the dough bunnies was my husbands when he was young.  His mother used to buy him bunnies too.  (It's where I got the idea) We have a few that were his from when he was young and they have his name and date taped on the bottom.  So sweet!

Now I suppose you'd like to see THE some Bunny who want's to dish with you.  There he is!

Oops!  Did I say some bunny who wants to dish with you?  I meant to say some bunny who want's to fish with you. Hehe!  Silly me!  Don't you just love this little guy?  How could you not?  He is made of paper mache type material and is so very light.

Looks like the only thing he's caught is a net full of eggs though!

The little brown porcelain bunny was also from my husbands childhood collection.

The floral arrangement was made with just a few bunches I purchased last year from the DT.

I love all the pastels I used to create this tablescape.  I don't think I've ever done a pastel colored tablescape before this one.

Mostly, I love finding out that you really don't have to spend a lot to have great looking tablescapes.

If you don't believe me, just go ask some bunny over at...

Cuisine Kathleens, Let's Dish Party
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...and see for yourself!

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Hope you have a fabulous weekend, everyone!