Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing Irish Blessings

Good Morning!  It's a beautiful sunshiny day, and things are greening up quickly around here!  Well, sorta, kinda....uh,okay,okay, not really, but inside it's pretty green!  And Yesums, I do mean pretty!

In honor of St. Patricks Day and Cuisine Kathleen's party I would like to share an Irish Blessing with you in addition to setting a fun and pretty (if I do say so myself) tablescape.

Sorry ladies, but your going to have to get all the way to the end of the post to receive your blessing okay?  Now don't cheat and jump ahead or ya might miss a few extra blessings along the way.

Blessings like enjoying a few pretty pictures or ideas that may inspire you just a bit.

If it sounds like I am being a bit conceited to you, I assure you I am not.  That's not my style!  I am sharing this because it's so much fun to create these tablescapes.  Really, it is!   I enjoy it so much and believe some of you just might enjoy it too.   I never knew how much fun and how much the simple act of creating these tablescapes would fill that creative void I had until I started blogging.

So if you ever see anything here that inspires you to try it out yourself then I am well pleased.  If I hadn't seen for myself so many other beautiful tablescapes, I would never have gotten into it as much as I do now.  It is a wonderful feeling to know you also share a kindred passion for something with so many others.  So that's what it's all about ladies....sharing,sharing,sharing!

Like I said, the sun is shining here, so I hope you will overlook my poor photography skills once again.   I have to admit though, that sun is not shining nearly as brightly as my smile is this morning!

Why?  Because of these placemats.  They were instant love when I saw them at Marshalls.  They were not expensive either but, (and there's always a but isn't it) there were only three.  So, because I did not want to have an odd number I only bought two.  Oh, but if I ever see two more!  I just adore the embroidery on these and the lovely white boarder with clovers.  So cute!

I just couldn't help myself again, the Ivy dishes just had to come back out.  This week I decided to use the Ivy dinner plate....

...paired with my everyday white salad dishes.

Then I added more Ivy by stacking the bread and butter dishes on top.

For my final piece to the stack I added one of these larger foam clover cutouts I picked up from the DT. Wouldn't these be perfect to use for a party with people names on them for place setting markers?

Surely there must be fields of Ivy mixed in with all those clovers over there in Ireland!

 Out came my lighter green goblets again because I think they really work best here.

Are you ready for another big smile?  I hope so because if you can't smile about these adorable napkins, I just don't know.  Look what I also found at Marshalls!  They were sold in a four pack and my heart literally did a flip flop when I saw them.

Just look at those sweet little clover cut outs.  Oh my goodness!

So precious! I tried to add these gummy stick ons that I saved from last years tablescape to my napkin rings but apparently they don't wanna stick this year.  LOL!

The centerpiece was especially easy this year because I already had a few elements saved from last year and only added a few new things.

Do you remember these little guys from last year?

The green Hydrangeas are from last year too.  

Isn't this little guy just so cute sitting there in a pot of gold?  Okay, so you have to use your imagination a little bit.  Come on, you can do it, there's a wee bit of gold in there!

The addition of the candle was an afterthought.  I just recently purchased this scent from work.  Yes ladies, we sell Yankee Candles at Stein Mart and they are quite a bargain too, I might add.  I just love the smell of this one.  It even smells great unlit with just the lid off.  I can't wait for an afternoon at home when I can light it and enjoy it.

The little scarf was probably what I would deem the deal of the century.  Would you believe I found this adorable scarf at the DT?  I know right!  It's made of a gauzy type of cotton material.  It was the only one and I actually found myself doing a little Irish jig after I picked it up.  Haha!  Seriously!

Finally I sprinkled a few more foam clovers around.  These glittery ones and the lime green ones all came in the same pack, what a bargain.

So what do you think?

 Pretty cute huh?

Maybe not nearly as cute as these....

But all in all pretty cute!  I hope you also enjoyed this setting, let me know if you did, okay?   It was so much fun creating this one for you!

As promised, here's an Irish blessing for you as well.  This is hanging on my oldest sons bedroom wall.  Even though he doesn't live here anymore I wanted to keep it in there.  I know he see's it when he comes home and so will any guests that stay in there too.  

Wonderful words to take to heart.  I do wish this for each of you!

Thank you so much for visiting!

I am joining the following parties with this post;
The 4th Annual St. Patty's Day Blog Crawl

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a little work to do, for a coin or two.
Have a great day everyone!
Many Blessings!


  1. Beautiful Irish blessing table Mary. Love your little Irish tune to go with too.Very cute!

  2. This is beautiful ... love all of it ... the napkin rings caught my eye! Hope you'll drop by my site to check out the details of the new Monday blog party I'll be hosting! Anything goes, as long as it makes us happy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mary, That is just darling. I did a little Irish place setting for one for a post next week but it is nowhere near as lovely as yours. You did a wonderful job...I just love it. I would have HAD to picked up the 3rd place mat just to use it SOMEWHERE! (I'm addictive like that!;>) Hope you have a great day! xo Diana

  4. I'm here from Tablescape Thursday...and oh, what a beautiful table you have created! Very much enjoyed your creativity! :)


  5. Oh what a beautiful table! I love your placemats and how you have put everything together! Beautiful! And the little leprechauns always add shenanigans to a tablescape. LOL

    Thanks for sharing your lovely table! Mrs. S

  6. Beautiful tablescape Mary and I love your place-mats too. Thanks for the beautiful Irish Blessing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  7. This is a lovely St. Patty's Day tablescape, Mary! The placemats are so cute and the ivy dishes are great too.

  8. Very festive - Your flatware is so pretty and I love the ivy dishes, so unique! What really caught my eye are the cute little leprechauns peeking thru the greens!

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Ivy dishes are so beautiful with the clovers as a centerpiece...It is so hard to find any kind of dishes to really say St. Patrick's sure have done a great job...beautiful.. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape for St.Patrick's Day. Im your new follower on your Linky now, hope you will come join me also. I also hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  10. You created a beautiful tablescape. I would totally have bought those place mats too. I do love those napkins since I just bought the same ones. Those little cutouts are so pretty.

    Thanks for visiting Dogs and Grandkids.

  11. So here's what I love about this post: You obviously had a wonderful time putting it all together to share with us! When doing something brings you so much joy, it is a thing worth doing. Your enthusiasm is contagious and just helps to make it all that much more enjoyable for us. Thank you! You did a marvelous job and found some really, really cute items! The napkins have such sweet those! I also like the ivy mixed makes sense. I'm not seeing the "poor photography skills" you referred to at all. Everything is crisp and clear! This was a very happy post!!!

  12. Mary, you make my Irish heart happy! You did a beautiful job, I love the mats and if I find any I will pick them up for you! It is just perfect!
    Thanks so much for joining the blog crawl, Slainte! And I hope you find the gold at the end of the rainbow, or at least on pay day! :)

  13. Your Irish table is so pretty, Mary. Thank you for the blessing. Everything ion the table is so perfect, love the napkin rings and the plates!...Christine

  14. A very festive table Mary! Your ivy plates are so great for St. Pat's and I haven't seen that scent of Yankee Candle yet, gonna look for it:@)

  15. Oh Mary....This whole table is Irish splendor at its best! I love your new placemats & will keep an eye out for some for you. My baby sis in AZ lives close to a GREAT Marshalls so I'll ask her to look for some for you, too.

    All your pretty green touches are just lovely, but I am head over heels in love with those napkins!!! BEAUTIFUL!

    I agree, the tablescaping thing really is a creative outlet. You do it well.

    Happy Early St. Paddy's Day!

    p.s. Yes, I did the shamrock & the coasters on my embroidery machine. I have more to share soon.

  16. Your Irish blessing is wonderful and so is your pretty table. I would have liked to see you doing your Irish jig in the store! Have a nice day! Linda

  17. Beautiful festive all the green!

  18. Oh what a wonderful, sweet, happy and inspirational tablescape blog post.

    I found myself "jigging" right along with you and your wonderful finds!

    You presented a remarkable tablescape, I just adore it.

    Happy St. P's crawl week to you!!!!

  19. Thannks again for joining! Love your music for the party!

  20. Ah! Love the ivy dishes...pretty table settings~ Happy SPD!

  21. And Irish blessings to you, too.

  22. I agree, it is fun to create these tablescapes. Your ivy dishes are so appropriate and all the shamrock details add the perfect St. Paddy's touch. Sorry I'm late to arrive, but I've been away from my computer. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ Sarah


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