Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Mardi Gras!

I have been thinking quite a bit about Mardi Gras and all the beautiful tablescapes I've seen out here in blogland.  I love the colors used for Mardi Gras along with all the fun, festive and sometimes even gawdy decor. No offense Y'all but I really do love it!  Hehe!

Since I am not from New Orleans, and haven't ever attended Mardi Gras, I didn't realize until this year that the colors themselves actually have some symbolism until I read that on another blog this week.  Sorry, I forget who you were but here is the official symbolism of the colors I found online;

Purple Represents Justice. Green Represents FaithAnd Gold Represents Power.

(taken from this website; ) This is a wonderfully informative site about the events, traditions and history of Mardi Gras in New Olreans, check it out!

I have wanted to do a Mardi Gras tablescape for a few years now but felt like it would be kind of silly to do one when; 1.) We don't actually celebrate Mardi Gras, or live in a state that does.  Though I did see there was a community near my sons home in Charleston that did this year.  Huh?  2.) I am not Catholic, but am Protestant and therefore do not adhere to the more common rituals of penance and various traditions associated with Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Lent.

But...I do think you all may be on to something here!  I kinda like the idea of a celebration the day before Ash Wednesday, which for me, while not observed publicly, much like Lent is a day or time of reflection that I've come to recognize as signifying our need for a Savior for the forgiveness of our sins. Technically if I'm correct, Mardi Gras is actually the culmination (or the end) of Epiphany celebrations, but I like thinking of it as the kickoff or the beginning of Easter, if you will.  Is that so wrong?

So with all this in mind, I set about creating my very first Mardi Gras Tablescape this year.

I started by pulling out one of my handmade gold colored tablecloths for my round table.

Gold to create a "powerful" first impression.

Next I pulled out one of my favorite pieces of purple fabric to use on the lazy susan.  It must have worked because I am really pleased with how well this entire tablescape turned out.  Purple is for "justice" all right!

While I was upstairs digging around for fabric, I spotted this purple glass candle holder that I just had to add.

Look closely, I think that's a Fleur De Lis on there too!  

Because I really wanted to create a dramatic centerpiece I decided to add all the masks.  The purple, green and gold masks all came out of one package from the DT, with a few extra to spare.  

My favorite part of the centerpiece was the idea to use my very own mask I purchased from New Orleans many years ago while traveling there with work when I was a travel agent.

It's certainly not one of those more elaborate and detailed masks you can buy down there but is just so special and beautiful to me.  I was quite young back then and on a very limited budget too.  I love how simple it is and reminds me of someone wearing makeup.  It also reminds me that yes indeed, like it or not we all wear a mask to some extent don't we?

Next, it quickly became all about birds, beads, and doubloons.

I already had the two birds in my craft room upstairs.

I purchased these beads and coins from the DT as well.

How fun!

My final addition to the centerpiece was a few small pots of yellow and purple flowers.  I already had them as well, purchased from a clearance sale at Michaels.

I really love how this turned one turned out!

I decided to use my Gourmet Butlers Pantry dishes because I think they work very well here.  I also think the design on the plate looks sorta frenchy too, right....maybe?  LOL!

  Since I needed to add some green to my Mardi Gras tablescape I decided to add my green raised wheat plates. You can just think of this as a big heaping plate full of "faith"!

The final topper came with these adorable paper napkins that I purchased from the DT.  I also purchased the paper plates that coordinated with them but decided against using those for this setting.  I love how these napkins have some white in them to match my dinner plates.

My stainless silver is my wedding flatware.

It is from Oneida and appropriately named, what else?  Louisiana!

My glasses are from my mothers mother.  I love the gold etched rims.  Even with all their wear and tear they are still so beautiful to me!

 I am so excited about this tablescape I can hardly wait until the Mr get's home.

Happy Mardi Gras! 

  I know it's actually Ash Wednesday today and that Mardi Gras ended yesterday but I do hope you will overlook that one little small detail.  I'm so limited on time, was off today and since tomorrow is;

I figured why not go for it.  I'm so glad I did too!
I hope you enjoyed your visit here as well.  If you did, be sure and leave me note.  It's always nice to hear from you.  Be sure and pop on by the party to see more beautiful and very talented tablescapers.

Have a great day and great weekend everyone!


  1. Mary-That is absolutely a gorgeous tablescape. You did a wonderful job. Your plates are darling as is the centerpiece and I LOVE those napkins! We don't celebrate it either but my sil and daughter and family are Catholic and so they do observe Lent. I think you are right and it is the end of the Epiphany. Happy Wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  2. I love your Mardi Gras tablescape! I keep saying I'm going to do one but haven't yet. Maybe next year! lol!! Your mask is amazing and the DT masks just add the right amount of color. I lived in New Orleans many years ago and still have some beads and doubloons from those days. I like the simplicity of your table and the pops of color! Great job! Hugs, Linda

  3. We don't celebrate MG either, just a blog event for me, LOL. Lent, yes, but no MG.
    I love your table, the centerpiece is fabulous! It pops right off the screen!
    Happy First MG table! You did a great job. I like the comment about the mask, and yes, I guess we all do at times. I was never good about hiding my feelings in my facial expression.
    I remember a girl I had in my 5th grade class. She would always roll her eyes whenever I said something about work, or that we were going to do Math now. Rather than reprimand her for disrespect I told her if she continued to roll her eyes at me she would have to wear sunglasses in class so I wouldn't be able to see! I saw her mom in the hall and told her. She thought it was great idea as she did it to her too. :)

  4. Your tablescape is just delightful and so much fun! I don't do anything for Mardi Gras. I move right from Valentine's Day to Easter and Spring.

    Really enjoyed your post about respect. I totally agree with your feelings on the subject.

    Oh, yes, I'm following you via LF.

  5. Just BEAUTIFUL girl the whole table says fun to me..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. Oh How pretty Mary! Love your table, so unique and the colors are great!

  7. What gorgeous colors! Of course you know I am going to love the purple with the gold and greens! Your stack of dishes are so pretty too. We were there one year during Mardi Gras for a work convention and of course chose to avoid the craziness which was pretty easy to do - just choosing the streets you walked down. I loved New Orleans and the fabulous architecture and food. This reminds me of that!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it and I am glad you said that about choosing your streets. I couldn't agree with you more. We stayed in the French Quarter, but NOT on Bourbon St. and were not there during Mardi Gras and it was still very crowded there at night. I loved the French Quarter in the early morning and afternoon, not so much at night. My most favorite areas were the Riverside and the Garden district. Gorgeous architecture for sure! Those are images I will always remember, it really is a beautiful and colorful city!

  8. I think there are probably a lot of Mardi Gras tables being posted after-the-fact. I know that last year I posted mine after because I didn't photograph them until the day of the parties. (We had TWO parties last year. None this year.) The colors are always so much fun! I'm helping with a casino fundraiser that has a Mardi Gras theme on March 31. Mardi Gras can last all year long if you want it to! :-) You did a great job on this one, and I love it that you were able to use your fabulous keepsake mask. It IS very sophisticated and hauntingly beautiful.

  9. Wow Mary! Just fabulous, I love all the colors and do love the mask too!

  10. Mary, Terrific job! I love your table, especially the lovely centerpiece.

  11. gotta put some crushed beer cans and a coconut in there somewhere.......

  12. Mary, what a pretty and fun Mardi Gras table! What is so interesting is that we used a lot of the same accessories but, we came up with two entirely different table looks. I love that! Have a wonderful day!

  13. What a fabulous Mardi Gras table! Don't you love playing with this color combination? We don't live in a Mardi Gras area either......but I didn't let that stop me from having a tabletop party either. Your table is so festive and fun.


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