Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye Valentines, Hello Easter!

Hey Everybody!  I hope each of you had a wonderful Valentines day.  I certainly did!  Even though I had to work and had quite a busy day it certainly ended up very sweetly.  

My employer made an announcement during our morning meeting the other day that he heard on the radio that the average male spends around $180.00 something on Valentines and the average female spends about $130.00 something.  Can you believe that?  Not in my household!  I can honestly say, my first thoughts were, that must be before they get married.  LOL!  Then my greedy self said out loud, Can somebody please tell my husband that?  Haha! 

Seriously though, I am so blessed by my husband and he just get's better and better every year too!  There used to be a time when we first got married that he didn't take Valentines very seriously at all.  He was of the male mindset that thought it's waaayy to commercialized, so why bother.  His thinking was, I don't need a special day to tell you I love you, yatta,yatta,yatta.  But then, he quickly matured and learned the error of his ways (yes, I just said that) and got on board.  As far as Valentines spending goes though, we really don't do big.  Some years are more thoughtful little gifts but most years it's chocolate and flowers and I am just thrilled with that!

Here's what I came home to last night!  One of my most favorite gifts was the fire.  I am not kidding!  I love a nice warm cozy fire and he knows it.  That was definitely intentional! (blush)  

It was so cool to go on Facebook last night and see so many of my friends posting all their lovely flowers, cards and candy.  How neat is that?  I loved it!  It was kinda like when you were a kid in elementary school and shared all your Valentines with your other friends.  Remember that excitement?  I sure do, and it was so sweet to see some of my friends sharing that too.

Okay, now back to the title of my post....
 Hello Easter!

I know some of you are probably thinking....Seriously???

Well, the answer is yes, seriously!  That's what I spent the majority of yesterday doing at work, moving Valentines out and Easter in.  We actually started receiving Easter merchandise a few weeks ago. Yesterday it all came out in full force!  I set up six tables in the front of the store including a wall display at the front of the store too.  I love doing Seasonal decor, but it's kinda challenging because it's so temporary.  You really want to make the most impact you can for such a short amount of time.  Sometimes you have very little time between the holidays too and need to move and set things up quickly.    I am off today, and am already thinking of ways I want to tweak my displays when I get back in on Thursday.  Mercy!   I won't have much time to do this though, because we've got more sales to set up for and another truck to receive on Friday, which means more new merchandise that needs creative "vignettes".  Okay, yeah, I admit it, I am loving it!

This is what I really wanted to show you, though.  I just had to share this sweet bunny that I simply could not resist.  He really looks so much nicer here in my dining room then on that display don't cha think?

I was smitten from the minute I opened the box!  I knew he would be leaving the store too quickly with someone, so I decided it might as well be me!

Here's a few more close ups.  He has an off white ceramic glaze with a crackle look under the glaze.  His finish is very smooth though.  You can even put a little something in the basket on his back, like flowers or small eggs or something cute like that.

I love how neutral he is and think he will be a perfect centerpiece on my Easter table this year.  Don't worry ladies, I am no where near ready to decorate my home for Easter yet.  Well...maybe. Hmm???

Aww! So sweet!  
If you adore this fella like I do, I suggest you hop on over to your nearest Stein Mart, because I have a feeling these guys are gonna be quickly hopping right on out the door.

Happy Day after Valentine's Day Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!