Saturday, February 4, 2012

Following with the Linky widget

Whew! I really don't know what I am doing here but am adding the "linky" follower widget to my blog because I have a few of you who are not on blogger that I want to keep following.   I hear some of you may fall off of my google friend connect grid.   So, in order to keep up with you I am jumping into this whole new way to follow.  I am assuming in order to follow you I needed to sign up too right?

One thing is for sure.  If you blog, facebook, pinterest, or use any other social media networking you had better be prepared to keep up with the ever changing cyberworld.  I admit I am often so far behind and usually rely on others to help me keep up.  Thanks yall!

My thoughts about blogging are...
Blogging is fun, but it is more of an experiment in "dabbling" in creative expression for me, then a way of life.  I'll never be a serious or big blogger and I am obviously not really striving to do so.  I've often thought about quitting when I get to taking it too seriously. The down side of blogging is that I've had my share of negative feelings of not measuring up, not being creative enough, popular enough and so forth.  Occasionally, jealousy creeps up too when I see so many bloggers talking about the number of followers they have and all the giveaways they offer when reaching these milestones.  Because, who doesn't want to be popular?  But then the reality of who I am returns and I get over it all.  Yes, I would love to have more followers but I figure if your interested you will follow, as I follow those I am interested in.  I know there are others out there who are like me who follow a wide range of bloggers.  Then there are those who only follow certain genres, or who only follow but never comment or who only look at blogs occasionally.  I've said it before and will say it again, it sure is a wide, wide world out there!

I am still here chugging away here because I enjoy seeing and learning new things.  I enjoy sharing it all, no matter how popular or unpopular it is, because it let's me express myself.   And finally, the coolest part of it all is that I have gotten to meet a few of you out there in the world whom I would have never known.  You may be only someone I know online but you are real to me and so am I.
So, if there are any of you out there who are inclined to do so, you may now also follow me on Linky.

I am enjoying a lovely (whole) weekend off .  Hope you have a great weekend too!
See ya!


  1. I blog because I enjoy it. I follow you because I enjoy your blog! I think you are doing well and no need to 'compete'. For me blogging without obligation is what i'm all about. hugs, Linda

  2. Bravo, Mary! My sentiments exactly! I've been a follower here and just now clicked to follow you on Pinterest. Glad to see there are others feeling the same least 2 of us! Thanks! Helen

  3. Hi Mary! I just joined your linky follower, go over to mine I have started one too!
    I don't think I could be a big blog, I just couldn't give it the time that it would require because it would be like a job and I have enough of those.LOL I finally get to 350 followers on my blog and now Blogger will be take some of those away, par for the course for me:)
    Have a great weekend off, I know how it is working retail!

  4. Hi, Mary. I totally "get" what you're saying about blogging ... and about being glad someone else is figuring all this stuff out for us! I think I remember reading somewhere once that Google Friend Connect was going away, but I guess I just thought it would go away. Who knew someone would give us Linky Followers! Now if faithful "old" followers will just sign up for "one more thing" and follow again... :-) So glad you're having a great weekend!

  5. Hi Mary!
    I think the new thing means non blogger blogs won't be able to use the follower widget. I am not going to worry about it. Really, how many followers actually visit? You have the right attitude.
    Enjoy you Sunday!

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from.. I think I am too shy to be a blogger but I enjoy reading others such as yours!!

  7. ARGH. I just wrote a long old comment complete with questions, and then like the DORK that I am, I clicked your linky thingie before I published my comment.

    I'll be back later when I'm not so doggone ferhoodled.
    Have I said in the past week how sick and tired I am of blogger?

  8. OK, finally got it to work. I can follow you now. This is annoying. I just felt like saying that again.


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