Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dreaming of Soup and Crackers

When you are on an ever changing schedule as I am, you have to be flexible.  Luckily for me, I am married to someone who is also very flexible.  He's not only flexible ladies, he is pretty darn helpful around the kitchen as well.  He will make several meals each week and have everything ready for me when I come home from work.   As wonderful as this is, and it really, really, is, no kidding!  There are times when you just have to leave a few hints around for our guys, right?

Hints like this!

What do you think?  Is this a clear, out and out hint or what?

Can you tell that I really want soup here?  I thought so!

I am sure he will get it, just not so sure he will play along with my shenanigans.  

You see, I love soup!  I really do!  The Mr. not so much.  He's okay with it, but he doesn't like it the way I do.  It would certainly not be his first choice for a meal.  It's not that he only like's homemade soup or anything like that either. It's just that he kinda thinks of soup as "only" a cold weather meal.  It has to be really, really cold for him to agree that soup sounds good for supper.  Unfortunately for me, it has been anything but cold here lately.

I added this little cloche on here to see if maybe that will help set the mood for him.  Kinda looks like snowballs, right?  Sure it does!

Okay, I know it's a stretch but let's just see what happens.  Have you ever tried these to bag soups from Bear Creek?  They are wonderful!

Meanwhile, I'd like to show you my tablescape because I have been wanting to share these bowls with you for some time now in a setting.  I bought these from GW last year or maybe it was 2 years ago.  Anyway, I can't believe it's taken me this long to do a setting with them.

Aren't they pretty neat?  I just love how they have an extra little area on the side for crackers.

They are made of pottery and have a white cast with brown specks that vary on each piece.

Here is what is imprinted on the back.  I looked this up when I first brought them home and was pleased to see that Robert Weiss does have some pieces that are collectibles.  I don't know if these are worth much or not but I do know they are worth more then I paid.  I consider them quite a find not just because of the signature but because I just love how unique they are.

 I added these small brown recycled product dishes underneath to catch any spills.

Then I tied my napkin together with what I thought looked like a soup spoon from my silver collection.  I inherited several of this size spoons along with the rest of the set from my inlaws.  I have never been sure of what they are and am hoping some of you will be able to fill me in.  I wonder if maybe they are serving spoons but look too short to be serving spoons though I have used them for dips and sauce serving spoons before.  The roundness of them though makes me wonder if they are really soup spoons though. Please, please,please comment if you know!

My grandmothers glasses with the gold trim are some of my favorite drinkware.

As luck would have it, that old groundhog saw his shadow today.  Maybe I will get to eat my soup and crackers pretty soon after all.  I hope you enjoyed my simple winter setting, and I am hoping I will get to enjoy it too!  (Wink-Wink)

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  1. Oh, I love your table and now I want soup too!
    Visiting from Tablescape Thursday, your link is next to mine.

  2. Mary I love soup for dinner also. My guy is OK with it but doesn't cook it! So it's a trade off I guess. Cute table and love those bowls! hugs, Linda

  3. You are so funny! Tom knows how to make spaghetti and that is about it. He is an awesome griller though!!! Those soups bowls are fantastic! I have never see anything like those with the edge for the crackers! What a neat find. Girl, I am enjoying every bit of this weather. I have to take advantage of it before we move! We are headed to the beach today!! Woo hoo!!!

  4. Cute, cute table. I love those unique soup bowls. We love soup here, summer, doesn't matter! The spoons look like they may be what are called gumbo spoons...the handle looks too long to be bouillon/cream soup spoons. You could look up the pattern on Replacements, Ltd. to see exactly what they are.

  5. I'm preparing homemade vegetable beef stew/soup as I write! I'm with you...I adore soup. From what I can see, your spoon is a Reed & Barton, Francis I, cream soup spoon. They sell on eBay for $80.00 - $130.00 each in the sterling. R&B also made the same pattern in silver plate and called it King Francis. It would sell for a little less. You have a real treasure. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

    1. Thank you so much Cherry kay! I do indeed have Reed & Barton, Francis 1 Sterling. I looked on the back and compared the stamped symbols and pattern to what I found online. I found out the spoon I have is called the Large bouillon spoon. I found a picture that listed all of the different pieces in that pattern which was pretty neat because it also listed several "official" names for additional pieces I also have. Thank you so much for providing a very essential clue for me to start looking it up. I knew I had sterling but did not know who made it or what the pattern was since both of my inlaws are now deceased. I am thrilled to now be able to learn the exact names of the pieces I have. I really do appreciate and am so grateful for your help!

  6. I love the bowls. What a neat tablescape. It's been super warm where I live, too. We ate soup anyway this week, so I know how you feel. (Nobody else in my family really likes it either, but it's easy!) Sorry that I cannot help you with the spoons, but suffice it to say that to me, they work beautifully with the soup menu. Enjoy!

  7. Great post! Beautiful clicks.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


  8. I love those bowls Mary, what a find! I hope you got your soup:)

  9. So, did the hint work? Were you able to have your soup? I love it too, but I do tend to love it MORE in the cold.

    Those bowls you got from GW are wonderful. Why can't I ever find something like that at ours? I also love the way you tied your spoon (can't help there...) into the napkin. That's just plain cozy.

  10. Oh Mary, we're so much alike! Hint.. hint. Great post!!

  11. Hi Mary- Thank you for commenting on my blog earlier because it allowed me to find yours! I love your post/style and I am your newest follower. I am almost positive that those are soup spoons and would set you back a pretty penny today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  12. I'm with you...I love soup! Luckily, my hubby does too, especially with grilled cheese sandwiches! I love split pea but he doesn't so that is never on our menu! Hope he took your hint ('cause he couldn't MISS it!) and made soup for you!


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