Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 Valentine's Day Tablescape

Well, it's almost that time and I've just about got everything ready for Valentine's Day.  I've done a little decorating outside and inside and I've got the table set now too.  Woohoo!  The only thing left to do is to find a few special sumpin sumpin's for my sweeties to let them know how much they are loved.  

I am very pleased with this years table scape.  I already had everything I used for this, except for one element.  

Do you know what that is?

Here's a hint...these are very precious, strong and fragile at the same time.  But, the ones I bought can't be broken. 

If you guessed the hearts, you are correct!  Yay!

I absolutely fell in love with these wonderful melamine heart plates I found at Target.  They had them in full plate size and salad size and pink as well.

I wanted the red because I just love how they sparkle.  Hard to tell in these photos but I think there must have been some type of glitter used in making these.

I love how they just pop right off of the white of my Butlers Pantry dishes by Lenox.

 And, I love how the white dishes pops off of my red place mats.  Do you remember when I found these last year at Ross?  They are made of vinyl and so easy to clean!

A Valentine's dinner deserves the very best for those you love so I pulled out the silver we inherited from my in-laws many, many years ago when my MIL passed away.   

Thanks to Cherry Kay at Entertaining Women I now know the pattern of my silver is called Francis 1 by Reed and Barton.  Luckily for me she recognized it and identified it for me along with my bouillon spoons that I posted about last week.  Thank you so much! 

I decided since I was using the silver to eat with we may as well use it for our drinks as well.  The goblets are our most recent inheritance from my in-laws last year when my FIL passed away.  He had kept the goblets and several other pieces when he remarried after my MIL passed away to use himself with his new wife. 

Our goblets are engraved with the initial of our last name as is all of the silverware.  It was very customary for people to do this back in the day.  Not so much now.  I didn't have time to polish the goblets before this post so you will have to excuse the tarnish please.  Maybe you could just focus on how cool the battenburg lace looks in this reflection instead.  

Speaking of the battenburg lace, I just have to share how I came up with this runner.  It is actually two battenburg lace valances that I have saved forever and a day when I used to have them in our bedroom.  I just placed them on the table back to back and then added my red runner right on top.

I think lace and hearts just go together so well, don't you?

My valentines runner was a project from last year.  I bought a plain red runner from the DT and painted it.  So simple!

I used these same exact flowers for one of my settings last year only in a different container.  The white milk glass vase was a nice find that I picked up last year from a thrift store for only .50 cents.

On my sideboard I created a Valentines cloche display using a crystal bowl that was a gift from a friend that I filled with hearts.  I thought is was perfect since it has roses on the side of it.

I mixed in a few of my shiny hearts with the glittery ones.  Love it!

I can hardly wait!  I hope the Mr. will cook us something good.  LOL!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my Valentines table scape.

Wait!  I want to show you one more thing.  When I found the plates at Target I was actually there shopping for something else too.

 Here is a glimpse of a few things I picked up for a very special project I am working on.

I am going to create a very special Valentines card for a very special young lady this year.  I do not know who she is but I do know she is one of God's children who needs to hear how very special she is and how loved she is.

I was so touched by a post that Susan at My Place to Yours did HERE a few weeks ago about the girls they minister to at Hope Unlimited for Children.  I don't know how this escaped me before but I had not caught on to the staggering amount of young girls who are forced and subjected into prostitution in Brazil each year.

When she asked very simply for help in sending Valentines to these young girls so they would begin to understand their worth I knew I had to make one too.  I hope you will also consider taking just a small bit of your time to help as well.  You don't have to make something, you could just send a card and it would mean so much!  There's still plenty of time because Valentine's day is not until April in Brazil.  I feel so strongly about this I immediately put this on my FB page for my friends as well.  I plan to share this post with them as well, because I know every little card will help.  If you want to help too, please click HERE to see Susan's original post.

Thank you so much!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I can't wait to get home tonight to check at all the other wonderful tablescapes who are joining; BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday