Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wind is Stolen from my Sails

Would you all please pardon me for this brief interruption of blog world blissfulness for a touch of reality here?   I am off of work today and sitting here trying to get motivated to GO and DO and BE yet I just cannot find the motivation.  You see, I have been hit with a big case of feeling like "the wind has been stolen out of my sails."  What to do?

This photo somewhat depicts a nautical vision of what happens when the wind is taken from your sails.

First let me clarify what I'm talking about here.   To have the wind "taken" or "stolen" from your sails happens when someone comes along side of you and literally steals (or blocks) your wind.  I'm not talking about loosing the wind in your sails from a shift in the wind, (or circumstances) or from something you have or have not done.  I am talking about loosing your wind from a direct result of someone else who has crossed your path and quite literally stolen your wind.  They have blocked you from moving ahead.  It slows you down and leaves you sitting still, drifting along until you can once again recapture the wind.

Now, let's look at this photo again more closely.  Do you see the first boat that is surging ahead in the background?  Look at what the crew is doing in this picture.  They appear to be hanging over the edge, don't they?

That's how I am feeling right now, hanging over the edge.  Without going into too much detail here, it's not about one issue in particular.  It's about the culmination of several (people and situations in my case) who have come along side of me and stolen the wind from my sails.  Normally, I am quite fine with drifting and waiting on the wind to return of it's own course.  However, there are times in life like this when the wind has been "taken" out of your sails when one must hang out over the edge.  Leaning out over the edge can rock the boat ever so gently but this is what helps you to surge ahead.  The real trick is learning how to hang out over the edge without falling face first in the water, don't you think?  I sure do!

So here I sit, contemplating my strategy's in life.   Do not worry, I am not as desperate or depressed as this may sound.  I am just thinking out loud on my blog, it's kinda therapeutic you know.  I am sure a day off will do me a world of good today once I get up and going!  I think I'll call my mom today and maybe do a little retail therapy.  Who knows?

  I also continue to pray for guidance in this race we call life because I trust that Jesus will lead the way for me in all situations.  He never promised us an easy life but he did promise to be right there with us, even hanging out over the edge.   

Anyway, this is Wednesday and I have a self imposed Wellness Wednesday theme that I sometimes like to hit upon here at The Decorative Dreamer.  So that's why I am sharing this, to let it go, and to hear from you.  What do you do when someone has knocked the wind out of your sails and you feel like you are hanging over the edge.  I'd really like to know!

Looks like the sun is trying to come out so hey, maybe it's going to be a brighter day soon.
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